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Salesforce can forecast sales per month/quarter/year per user. However this customer has a complex forecast module that works like this. 

They have different segments of business. For example: 
– Segment #1 
– Segment #2 
– Segment #3 

There are many sales user: 
– John Doe 
– Fred Smith 

They would like to create separate quota that looks like this: 
John Doe@Segment #1 = $100,000 
John Doe@Segment #2 = $150,000 
Fred Smith@Segment #1 = $250,000 
Fred Smith@Segment #2 = $150,000 
Fred Smith@Segment #3 = $200,000



  • To create custom object to cater for quota per user per segment per month/quarter/year
  • Automatically link opportunity based on custom quota

Related Objects Opportunity, Custom Object
Components Visualforce Page, Data Model Design
Complexity Moderate

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