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In a subscription business model, invoices are billed by schedule (i.e. monthly). One of our clients purchased Salesforce and would like to implement their subscription business model via the CRM system particularly on monthly billing.


A simple scenario:-
The opportunity has Closed Won.
Product A:-
Subscription Start Date: 1st Jan 2013
Subscription period: 6 months
Subscription End Date; 30th Jun 2013
Total Subscription Price: $6,000
In this case, the following billing items will be created:
Billing #1 = Period: 1st Jan – 31st Jan 2013; Bill Date: 1st Feb 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #2 = Period: 1st Feb – 28th Feb 2013; Bill Date: 1st Mar 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #3 = Period: 1st Mar – 31st Mar 2013; Bill Date: 1st Apr 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #4 = Period: 1st Apr – 30th Apr 2013; Bill Date: 1st May 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #5 = Period: 1st May – 31st May 2013; Bill Date: 1st Jun 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #6 = Period: 1st Jun – 30th Jun 2013; Bill Date: 1st Jul 2013; Amount: $1,000


  • Automatically calculate monthly subscription amount
  • Automatically create billing schedule records to accommodate/record the monthly billing items and information

Related Objects Standard/Custom object
Components Apex Class & Apex Trigger
Complexity Complex

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