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RIO Inventory

Extend Salesforce to provide inventory visibility to your sales teams. Perform an extensive range of inventory management functions directly from within Salesforce:

  • Configure when you want to reserve and commit from inventory 
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Inventory Adjustment and Transfer capabilities
  • Inventory Batching is also possible with a number of options for assigning inventory available: FIFO, Earliest Expiry Date, Smallest Batch Qty
  • Serialized Products can be auto-created as Assets when an opportunity is "Closed Won".
  • Generate PDF Picking Slips

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RIO Plan

Get more from Salesforce with the ability to Plan Rosters, Room Bookings, Staff Activities and more on a Calendar. Streamline your business with a calendar-based planning tool providing:

  • Staff Scheduling (rosters and schedules) functions
  • Resource Planning (Rooms and equipment)
  • Activity management and Time Tracking (Multi-location capable)
  • Alerting for resource conflicts
  • Mobile interface (Lightning-enabled)
  • Community Users supported Using a browser or mobile interfaces managers can plan for staff and resource movements, and staff can see future allocations and bookings in an easy to use and simple interface right from their mobile device.

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RIO Drive Success

Drive your teams and partners by extending Salesforce with the power of gamification to create a sense of competition with your staff. You have full flexibility for staff to compete as either individuals or in teams – and points and awards can be aligned to the KPIs you want. Allocate weightings – giving staff more incentive to achieve them.

Luana Technology


Luana is a flexible, robust and agile platform to help educational providers to reign in disparate islands of information and to become more productive, nimble, transparent and provide exceptional service to their learners.

Being built on Salesforce, education providers are able to easily innovate and customise their solution by using applications available on the Salesforce Appexchange.  This level of flexibility has never before been available on Student Information System platforms.


Education Program Setup
Complex Program Administration - Create and manage accredited or non-accredited programs with endless variety

Subject Administration - Create and control subjects offered in your programs

Course Administration - Create, schedule and manage intake dates for your programs.

Session Administration - Schedule face to face sessions and workshops

  • Share sessions amongst multiple courses
  • Track enrolments and attendance for each session
  • Allocate venues, rooms and trainers to your classroom-delivered session

Trainer Allocation - Schedule trainers and resources for the right courses and sessions and ensure there are no clashes

Resource Allocation - Track your organisation’s assets, who they are with and for which course. Resources can range from computers and projectors to cars and trucks

Student Administration 
Enrolment Engine - Enrol your students individually, or in groups, into your learning products and pathways.

Attendance Administration - Manage your students’ attendance in sessions and workshops

Completions Engine - Configure your program completion rules, and Luana will automatically flag students who have completed all their program requirements, and be ready to issue their certificate or qualification

Student 360-degree view - View all interactions your institution has had with each student, from when they made their first enquiry to their entire education, program results, credentials, session registrations, case history and even beyond graduation

RIO Managed

At WDCi we understand that implementing the solution is only half the answer. You need to know your integrations are working and you don’t want to diagnose and fix any issues yourself. This is why we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to support your solution. For a low monthly fee our support team can monitor your integration solutions, fix any issues and resolve them, all while you sleep.