Nature of businessSynopsis
LCABooker salesforce (as cross reference) and Twilio. Automate outbound SMS to clients who have made clinic appointments and allow the clients to confirm/cancel via SMS reply
ClubsUtilising the Kleber API, forms are provisioned for the club’s members on-site at the club venue (for new and renewal) or online (for renewal). These forms are set up in the address fields to suggest and prepopulated the inputs during the application process. In case an address was added manually, a second layer of checking against the address filled will be executed to ensure the address validity. Visualforce Pages, Apex Classes
Data centre companiesData centre managment using salesforce
Company leading provider in professonial digital audio - distribute signals over networksData modelling, Customer Community (Sales Service Template), Entitlement process, Flow, Workflow
Education Industry (RTO)Luana and Salesforce
Online Store Using boomi to connect zipMoney and NetSuite Integration
Envrionment to Self serve customersSalesforce and communities
Education Industry RTOs populate student enrolment data directly to salesforce
Registered Training Organisations (RTO)Salesforce and AVETMISS data to test positioned files
Higher Eduction ProvidersReport PIR data yearly basis. Salesfroce and TEQSA PIR Reporting
Salesforce Health CheckFor IT systems - Used against existing SF instance for security health check, scanning apex cod/s within SF instance, Monitor SF API request limit etc
Customer clientele function bookingsGenerating bulk documents in salesforce. Conga mail merge and Custom Link, Custom Fields, Workflows
Customer clientele function bookingsEnhances recurring event in salesforce, Custom Button, Visualforce Pages, Apex Classes
Customer tracks employees information in Action HRMTo ensure student records in Kallidus system is up to date from the ActionHRM employee records - Sharefile, actionHRM, Kallidus and boomi
Aged Care FacilityUsing salesforce. Data modelling, Customer Community, Visualforce Page, Apex Trigger
Restrictions on Enterprise EditionCreating custom objects and reusing process builder Process Builder, Enterprise Limitations
Chemical construction site service customerexternally provisioned through CSV files and it needs to be tracked in Salesforce so that it can blend into other business data Data modelling & BCI DATA Modelling in Salesforce
hosting a website where visitor are allow to register and login. WordPress (woocommerce) boomi, netsuite. to sync product, website users and sales transaction between website (WordPress WooCommerce) and Netsuite
Repair Services Salesforce Skedulo case integration. Case, Skedulo Job, Product, Pricebook, Pricebook Entry
Company earns revenues through serivces and lab productsCreate a custom page in SF, integreation and web service calls to search for prices in SF. VisualForce, Trigger
Web Service Calls base code generated via WSDL2Apex then further modified to suit the need.
Customer requirment to restrict boomi login users certain privileges when performing dev or monitoring process logsDell Boomi Atmosphere - Enable the Boomi Advanced User Security feature. This allows the creation of custom roles with a combination of different privileges. Assign the different custom roles set up to the appropriate user as well as assigning the respective custom roles to only the environment which the user is allowed to see.
Info being tracked by the user under leadsTrigger OR Salesforce Process Builder
A consultancy company needs to provide solution to the customer encompassing a portfolio of the retail information relating to the property, budgeting, landlord, solicitor etc. Salesforce as retail coordination system Data Modelling
Salesforce Apex
Conga Composer
The customer has been using the Boomi Atom Cloud to run their integration processes and would like to shift to an on-premise atom to have better control over the atom configuration.

The customer would have difficulty transferring all the processes into the new production environment as well when the on-premise atom is available.
Boomi - Install on-premise atom and transfer the existing integration process to ensure all processes utilises the on-premise atom instead
RTOThis customer RTO business involves student information input to Salesforce and then export-related Salesforce data for AVETMISS and HEIMS reporting - Javascript
RTO Census date automation for RTO Using salesforce - Process builder, flow and formula
RTOTax file number check against preset algorithm - apex class, apex trigger
This company earns their revenues through bookings services that they have planned and executed for their clients.Custom invoice administration - VisualFor, Trigger, Breadwinner app
The client is using SalesLogix to handle credit/loan deals. To sync approved deals from Saleslogix into Avantgard Integrity system. - Sage SalesLogix CRM, Boomi and Sungard Avantgard Integrity
users would like to have a mechanism of sending out documents from Salesforce to their clients for signature automaticallyConga Composer, Conga Workflow, Salesforce Workflow - Template auto send
The client would like to run batch updates on the product price lists quarterly. They have multiple price books and different currencies for each product priceMass update product price list - Skyvva
The company sells properties and property consulting services.Salesfroce as Property tracking system - Formula fields, Validation rules, reports
With the introduction of Salesforce in the company, the customer would like to move the maintenance of customer and merchant records from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Salesforce. Microsoft dynamics AX and Salesforce integration connected with boomi. To sync the customer and merchant information between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Salesforce
To Sync the sales order to Salesforce
Client requested for a report to outline the discrepancies between the inventory items between the warehouse management system (SCALE) and the ERP system (Netsuite). To produce a daily Inventory Reconciliation Report that outline the variance between 2 systems’ item quantity on hand. FTP and Dell Boomi Atomsphere
The client would like to ensure that every time a project record is created, all the relevant and related default records are automatically created.Custom Releated list record creation - Data model design, Apex trigger and Appex classes
The client would like to ensure that all the child records of a master record to be marked as “Completed” before the users can change any a specific value in the master record.Ensure that the master and child record objects are linked using master-detail relationship.
Use a roll-up summary to calculate total child records and use roll-up summary to calculate total child records with “Completed” status.
Use validation to check if these 2 roll-up summaries match. If matched allow the changes of a value in master record if not then otherwise. Data Model Design, Roll-up summary, Validation rules
The client is providing mentoring /coaching services to individuals that work in managerial positionsCustomised form submissions - Form Assembly
The client wants to sync Oracle database, which contains Active Directory records, to those in Equella so that the users will be granted access to their respective repositories.Query group members from Oracle and update groups in Equella. Oracle > Boomi > Equella - Oracle database and equella integration
To sync incoming and outgoing transactions from warehouse management system into Netsuite. Netsuite & FTP integration through Dell Boomi Atomsophere
The client uses Netsuite to manage the transaction orders and Manhattan SCALE, a warehouse system to manage the distribution of the products, they would like to sync data between both the systems to keep track of the orders and the inventory system.

Netsuite & warehouse management system (scale) integration. The inventory records between two systems need to be consistently synced to track orders (from sales, purchase and return activities) and inventory (from the warehouse). Netsuite > Boomi atmosphere > scale
A client is managing support cases and work orders through Salesforce. They would like all entries and its children records to be tracked in Teradata as well.Teradata and salesforce integration - Sync any records updates from Salesforce into Teradata Teradata > boomi > CRM
Student and courses information from a student management system (via database connection) needs to be extracted into *.csv format and to be loaded into an SFTP server hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which then produces report on student wellness and their engagement.Oracle databas and amazon web serives (sftp) integration - To generate csv files which consist of student and courses information and load it into SFTP server. CSV Files > Boomi > Oracle database
The client is using a Device Compliance Tool to perform testing on the devices that will be assigned to specific Work Orders. The result generated from the tool needs to be attached into Salesforce as a reference and for further process.Device compliance tool (xml) and salesforce integration. Local Disk > Boomi > CRM - To attach the test result (in XML format) generated from a Device Compliance Tool into Salesforce
A client uses a Device Compliance Tool to perform testing on devices. The test results will need to be tracked in Teradata based on the specific device family type.Device compliance tool (xml) and teradata integration. Ensure all devices test results are tracked in Teradata database - Local Disk > Boomi > Teradata
QAD and Salesforce IntegrationDeveloped a solution to ensure information is managed between QAD and Salesforce are in sync with one another.
Mass Renaming Salesforce Metadatadeveloped a solution To detect all metadata related to Company A and then rename them when being merged with data from company B
Sage SalesLogix CRM and Aprimo IntegrationDeveloped a solution which enables The customer to transfer records between two systems and be kept consistently synced to avoid invalid information and duplicate entry.
Online realestatedeveloped a solution to Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated InspectRealEstate portal path for retrieval using Dell boomi
Online realestateDeveloped a solution to Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated portal path for retrieval using Dell Boomi
Online realestatedeveloped a solution to Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated allhomes portal path for retrieval using Dell Boomi
Online realestateDeveloped a solutiont o Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated Homehound portal path for retrieval using Dell Boomi
Online realestateDeveloped a Solution to Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated REA portal path for retrieval using Dell Boomi
Online realestateDeveloped a solution to synchronise information from Salesforce Contact and Opportunity to CampaignTrack as Agent and Listing in real time. using Dell Boomi
Client data and sales are managed in Salesforce while rental bookings reside in RentalPointSalesforce and RentalPoint. Automatically synchronise Salesforce Account/Contact to RentalPoint as Customer/Contact and also RentalPoint Bookings to Salesforce Opportunity. Salesforce, RentalPoint v10 and Talend
referral agencyDeveloped a solution which is a design to tie each service with a commission amount. When an Opportunity is closed won, the commission will be auto calculated. The user can also run a report to display a list of contractors and the total commissions that they are entitled to.
Agricultral productsWarranty Service Management using Case - Salesforce case module is customised to relate assets (serial number). From the asset warranty date, they can decide if this repair service should be covered under the warranty. During the site visit, the technician will bring a tablet and generate the work order/invoice on the spot. The customer can sign the work order/invoice on the spot using an electronic signature. - SDoc, DocuSign, Apex Trigger
EducationDeveloped a solution When a new address is added or an existing address is updated, the integration service should submit the street, city, postcode, state and country to a third party address services. A result will be returned to confirm if this address is validated.
Agricultral productsDeveloped a solution which includes
A supply and order forecast module is built in Salesforce. The users can now enter supply forecast records for each month and each product. Any opportunity line item created will be linked to the right supply forecast record.
A report is then created to display the supply vs demand for the particular month.
Enhancement to SSODeveloped a solution to provide secure SSO for all access points to Salesforce and
To provide secure SSO to salesforce.comDeveloped a solution to Utilise identities in existing LDAP repository for secure SSO to Salesforce.
Industry groupCreated an electronic method for administrators to check clients details and give the ability to select topic areas of interest
electrical appliance shopAutomated Installation Job from Closed Opportunity - apex trigger, apex class, visualforce page, custom button
RTODeveloped an electronic process to handle course registration and student confirmation
Custom Quota ModuleDeveloped a salesforce solution
To create custom object to cater for quota per user per segment per month/quarter/year
Automatically link opportunity based on custom quota
Servicesdeveloped a solution which replaces manual form insertion and enhance the process on how information is being captured in Salesforce using iPad/iPhone.
ConsultingDeveloped a solution which allows user with one click to generate a quote form, it will automatically generate a specified quote form based on the record type specified.
Marketing Allow tracking/converting multiple contacts per lead. - Apex class, apex trigger
Data Population to ActivityDeveloped a solution To populate mobile number from leads/contacts to tasks/events.
Solar PowerDeveloped a lead management solution to handle leads with multiple physical locations.
ConsultingLeave application system - Platform workflow and approval process
SoftwareInvoice pro-rata calculation - apex class and apex trigger
EducationCourse enrolment system inside salesforce- data model design and confirugation.
Synchronise Saasu Payment to SalesforceSynchronise saasu payment to salesforce - apex class Sync Saasu(purchase order and sales order type) payment automatically into Salesforce
Consultingtemplate with dynamic terms and conditions , template generation tool
ConsultingQuote - dynamic content - Generate Quote template that includes relevant information based on products and quote
User can determine what values to be or not to be included into the quote. - Formula
ConsultingTracking project billable and non-billable time. Appexchange + apex customisation
Educationdynamic form field population. Generate form with pre-populated values.
Pre-populate values into different section of the form based on relevant criteria.- appex trigger
SoftwareBilling schedule - Automatically calculate monthly subscription amount
Automatically create billing schedule records to accommodate/record the monthly billing items and information - apex class and apex trigger
Dynamic Auto NumberDeveloped a solution to dynamically assigned auto number to opportunities at certain stage. Apex trigger and apex class
ConsultingDeveloped a solution to give the customer more flexibility in designing the quote template (i.e. more control over the content style, page break, etc.) which meets their requirement.
ConsultingMass email users on event meeting updates. Mass email users with event meeting updates - apex class and apex trigger
Gym service centreImplementing page wizard. Page wizard to display all information in a one glance view
Saves time for the Salesperson and efficiently enroll members - visualforce page, apex class, custom button
flower shopCross object page view with extensible filters via custom button/tab. Provide extensible filters for cross objects
Mass update records via inline editing
Access page by a single custom button/tab - Visualforce page, apex class, custom button
Appointment solution for agencydetect overlapping time. Provide custom validation to prevent overlapping appointment - Apex class, apex trigger
be able to sign on the quote electronically via mobile devices, i.e. smart phones, tablets, etc. As such, a customized Quote form with the support of electronic signature is implemented in Salesforce.Customized quote form with e-signature. Generate customized Quote template including all the relevant information.
Signature can be signed on the customized form electronically.
The Quote form can be saved as PDF file with or without the signature. - Visualforce page + apex controller
The customer business involves a lot of products(~100) created on a daily business.Data loading record with automated association to related records on creation. Provide automated record association from a record template and link to the master record.- Apex class and apex trigger
Business with multiple locationsThe Customer has businesses in different locations, identified as a Subsidiary in Salesforce. The Opportunities for the different locations are tracked using a custom field to identify each subsidiary
Requirement for custom viewsUsed VisualPage and Apex Class to Display all field details of the related custom object within the Account view
Salesforce / Saasu Business userThe customer requires a quick solution to sync Contact and Opportunity data from Salesforce to Saasu Contacts and Invoices. WDCi provided on-demand invoice creation and contact synchronization by clicking on a button in Contact or Opportunity page
Business wants to enforce data entry for new contactsWDCi developed a solution to validate that one of the following contact roles must exist within the opportunity:
1. Supplier Contact Role
2. Purchaser Contact Role
Software / Licensing / ServicesImplemented an automated system which
Tracked service contracts
renewal subscriptions
tracked and updated sales opportunities
Retail OrganisationMulti teired pricebook system was being managed on spreadsheets
Now being managed in Salesforce - new opps are automatically linked to the customers correct price book
huge time saving over the previous manual process
Arts / InventmentDeveloped a solution to manage the location of peices of art.
group portfoilios of art and manage them on behalf of investors
Manage the commercials of renting the art works out for profit.
Sustainable energyProvides a simple low cost solution for salesforce automation, calendaring, email and document collaboration that could be expanded as needed. Applications: Google Apps,
Business wants to Sync Salesforce with Accounting
WDCi created automation to verifiy the integration criteria without manually going through the checklist.
This saves the Administrator time from checking through the records.
Users can straight away modify the record and ensure the record will be synced when the integration process runs.
Training / Educational organisationAutomated the enrollment tracking process to cover
Invoicing, certificate generation as well as course management.
Construction FirmCloud based secure reliable email, calendaring and intranet for their business
Salesforce BackupProvided a backup solution for Accounts, Cases ,Contacts ,Leads ,Opportunities ,Pricebooks ,Product
CSV to SalesforceCustomer was migrating data from several legacy systems. Data was exported to flat files. <1M records
Netsuite to CSVProvided a solution to migrate data from Netsuite to CSV file format <1M records
Netsuite to SalesforceProvided a solution to migrate data from Netsuite to Salesforce < 1M records
QuickBooks to SalesforceProvided a solution to migrate data from Quickbooks to Salesforce < 4K records
MYOB to SalesforceProvided a solution to migrate data Migrate data from MYOB to Salesforce <5K records
Maximizer CRM to SalesforceProvided a solution to migrate data Migrate data from Maximiser to Salesforce ~ 15K records
Vendor with Internation multi teired distribution networkSolution To capture purchase orders placed by distributors automatically and acknowledge them once the purchase order is processed.
To send a confirmed invoice to distributors together with the associated product license key.
MYOB and Business Catalyst IntegrationSolution to ensure that the customer information and invoice records are automated and synced into MYOB from website sales (Business Catalyst)de
MYOB and Integrationsolution to Synchronize MYOB records into
Aprimo and FTP IntegrationDeveloped a new integration process to synchronize records between Aprimo and Nexus FTP (a File Transfer Protocol server for the target DMS).
Aprimo and geoTribes Integrationdeveloped a solution to query contacts from Aprimo and assign the relevant geodemographic data to the matching contact managed in geotribes and in return update the contact in Aprimo as well.
SATAC and RightNow Integrationdeveloped a solution which will enhance the application data to be synchronized accurately into RightNow and replace manual entry of large number of application records.
Callista and RightNow IntegrationSolution to keep records in Callista and RightNow in sync
Callista and OpenLDAP IntegrationSolution to capture relevant data relating to a student/employee from Callista and LDAP, and combine the information into a single Flat File / XML.
Callista and Pearson Integrationsolution to Query/lookup Student enrolment information in Callista and upsert records into the Pearson Learning Studio.
CSV upload to SQL DatabaseDeveloped a rapid integration component to read CSV, perform data validation and upload to a database.
CSV Upload to SmartTurnDeveloped an automatic integration to create sales orders in SmartTurn from the transactions contained in the CSV files
AtTask and PeopleSoftConnected PeopleSoft and AtTask to enable time recording to occur in @task, with time being updated to the synchronised PeopleSoft projects
RightNow and PeopleSoftDeveloped a solution to synchronise Student Contact information between the PeopleSoft database and RightNow.
SAP data to XMLDeveloped a solution to pass contractors salary’s payment information from custom web solution to SAP system. The reason for automating is to speed up the payment process and reduce human data entry error.
SAP and SalesforceSolution to update financial transactions from SAP to Salesforce.
eBay and SmartTurnSolution to automatically create Sales Order in SmartTurn for every complete listing in eBay. Warehouse inventory is always up to date even for external sales.
Parature and JIRA IntegrationDeveloped an integration solution which automated the following
issue creation from Parature to JIRA
issue linking process between Parature and JIRA. A case may be caused by a new bug or an existing bug in JIRA
information updates between Parature and JIRA.
Netsuite and SmartTurn IntegrationDeveloped a solution to ensure all transaction related to Item Inventory, Sales and Purchase is maintained and synchronized automatically across the company’s ERP system (Netsuite) and Warehouse Management System (SmartTurn)
Netsuite and JIRA IntegrationDeveloped a solution to Automate the following
the issue linking process between Netsuite issue and JIRA issue
information update in both Netsuite and JIRA
Netsuite and Active DirectorySoluion to create users in Active Directory from new users created in Netsuite.
Enterprise Integration Platform Re-architectureDeveloped a solution which enabled the client to understand the capacity of their current environment.
Eliminate manual intervention by development and support teams.
Design a new enterprise integration platform architecture based on the client integration roadmap. Application and Saasu IntegrationDelivered a flexible, automated solution to synchronise Product, Contact, Account, Task and Job information. Generate Opportunities from Sales.
Magento, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SmartTurnDeveloped a solution to automate sales order creation from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Smart Turn. Also automated Product information synchronisation between Microsoft Dynamics GP and SmartTurn.
Also Microsoft Dynamics GP is updated once shipping is confirmed in SmartTurn.
Any inventory adjustments are synchronised from SmartTurn to Microsoft Dynamics GP
Salesforce and WorkflowMax IntegrationCreated a solution To automate the creation of a WorkflowMax Client and Job from a Salesforce Opportunity & Account, and to update the Salesforce Opportunity from the WorkflowMax Job.
Salesforce, Netsuite and OpenAir IntegrationDeveloped a solution to automate the following processes
the creation of Netsuite sales orders from Salesforce Opportunities
project creation from Salesforce to Netsuite and OpenAir
project updates from OpenAir to Salesforce and Netsuite
invoice and payment information from Netsuite to Salesforce
Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA IntegrationDeveloped a solution to automate the following processes
account and contact synchronisation from Salesforce so that customers can directly create support requests in RightNow.
product synchronisation from Salesforce to RightNow.
support requests creation within Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA.
Salesforce and In-House Database IntegrationPerformed data replication between an in-Database solution to Salesforce
Salesforce and Netsuite IntegrationA solution to automate and synchronize the products and opportunities that were recorded in Salesforce and Netsuite systems.
Salesforce and Bugzilla Integrationdeveloped a solution to automate
case to bug creation. Once a case is confirmed as a bug in Salesforce, it will be created automatically in Bugzilla.
bug updates to the case. An engineer can read the latest status of the bug inside Salesforce case.
communication between Salesforce and Bugzilla. An engineer can communicate with Developer through Salesforce case comment.
Salesforce and QuickBooksDeveloped a solution to automate
invoice creation from Salesforce Opportunities.
Product – Item synchronisation between Salesforce and Quickbooks.
Salesforce and QuickBooks IntegrationCreated an solution to automate invoice creation, product and contact synchronisation.
Salesforce and Dynamics GPDeveloped the integration process required to synchronize the information between Salesforce and Microsoft GP. It also helps to automate the Sales Order and Invoice creation into Microsoft GP.
Salesforce and Shopping Cart Application IntegrationCreated a solution to ensure that the web purchases from VirtueMart are being tracked in Salesforce.
Salesforce and custom in house ERP systemSolution to ensure all activity data was automatically updated between the two systems
Salesforce and JobReady Integrationimplemented a solution to synchronise student, account and contact information between Salesforce and JobReady
Salesforce and Saasu Integration With Multiple Currency And FileDeveloped a solution to automate invoice creation to multiple Saasu files based on the allocated entity for the SF Opportunity contact role
Salesforce and Saasu IntegrationImplemented a solution which automated invoice creation, product and contact synchronisation.
Salesforce and MYOB EXO Business IntegrationDeveloped a solution which automatically synchronises Salesforce Opportunities to MYOB EXO Business as Order/Invoices.
Salesforce and MYOB IntegrationImplemented an integration which will eliminate the manual data entry of MYOB orders from Salesforce Opportunities.
Automatically update Salesforce Opportunities with MYOB Invoice numbers.
Software / Licensing / ServicesWithin Salesforce Developed a solution which:
provided a Page to list out all the opportunity products that require product activation codes
Apex class to search for available product activation codes from a different object based on specific criteria
Apex class to link both the opportunity product and the product activation code together and populate relevant product activation code data to product and vice versa
Sales & Marketing AgencySalesforce Partner Community via the following setup
The partners can login and access to their Salesforce with restricted access to their own data
The partners can view all new/historical sales from different hypermart
All communication (email/call) is tracked using Salesforce activities
The full life cycle from Lead > Sales > Shipment is tracked in Salesforce
Online paid Content providerThe company sells product base on monthly subscription. There is a challenge for them to forecast their monthly revenue base on Account Industry.
Developed a custom Trigger on Opportunity object. This trigger will relate the opportunity to the respective budget and, at the same time, automatically creates a series of related opportunities based on the contract term of subscriptions.
e-Survey form (iPad compatible)Filling up physical forms is time-consuming. To add to the pain, users are required to carry out some calculations. They will have to manually calculate any figure related info using an external app or device (e.g. “the calculator”) and fill up the result values into the right column in the form itself. This will clearly open up to a lot of calculation mistakes and data discrepancies in results. Physical forms will have limited info for reporting as well as the linkage between the related info is pretty vague.
WDCi developed a solution which replicated the whole form into Salesforce by creating a custom object that holds the required information. Creating a record in Salesforce now has replaced the need to fill up the physical form manually and the information can be linked to any relevant records (e.g. Account). Filling relevant information can also be done using mobile device e.g. iPad or a tablet.
Salesforce Auto Lead ConversionDeveloped a solution to handle Duplicate leads which may be created from different channels. When a lead is converted, those duplicate leads may still remain in the Lead table. These duplicate lead data could contain important information and can’t be ignored.
Boomi Upgrading from Legacy Netsuite Connector to New Netsuite ConnectorThe integration is using the legacy Netsuite connector which only supports up to version 2009.1.
Integrating Salesforce and XeroDeveloped a solution to establish synchronization between Salesforce instance and Xero where opportunities and contacts in Salesforce can be easily synced into Xero.
Salesforce – Software License Web Portal IntegrationDeveloped a solution to sync the purchased license details back to the portal. Any subsequent updates to the license such as renewal and cancellation need to be reflected in the portal.
Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration (Purchase Order acquisition)Developed a solution to sync the purchase orders that have been approved from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
The supplier details will be synchronised to Salesforce
Salesforce Community CustomisationDeveloped a solution that allowed the customer to host a community forum in Salesforce which allows customers to discuss and contribute ideas by using Salesforce Chatter function. Also enabled the consolidation of information that they have in the website to the community forum.
property buyers groupA custom object is created to act as the workflow stage. In each stage, there will be a list of fields that need to be tracked. A series of Visualforce pages are used to read the workflow stages from the custom object and render the required fields dynamically on the fly. The Visualforce pages also act as the wizard to guide the users through the necessary steps involved in the business flow.
Salesforce Email Preference UpdateDeveloped a form using form assembly which will render the result differently based on the viewer. Customer will get this email from time to time and they can update their topic preference on the fly.
Insurance companyThe out-of-box clone button is not sufficient as the policy dollar value will need to be recalculated and certain date fields change during the cloning process. Also, it will not copy all the child records. The solution was WDCi developed a custom Clone button with apex extensions
Software / Licensing / ServicesBuilt a scheduled Apex Job that runs daily. This job calculates contract maintenance fees automatically.
recruiting companyDeveloped a solution to handle bulk invoicing in Salesforce
Salesforce Managing Customer’s EntitlementDeveloped a solution for a customer to implement SLA to all the accounts in Salesforce so that they can better deliver their support services to the clients.
Salesforce Address ValidationDeveloped a Customise Salesforce to integrate with third party web mapping tools such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Map etc.
software companyDeveloped a solution which provides a one stop support portal for their customer. Currently, support tickets are being raised via email and website only. Ideally, they would like to open up the knowledge base access to their customer so that they can search and resolve their issue.
Electrical utilityCreated a salesforce Automated Billing Engine
RTOcreated a solution To synchronise account, student contact, enrolment, course, course delivery, attendance between Salesforce CRM and Student Management System (JobReady)
property buyers groupDesigned a new data model in Salesforce to capture the property buying process and information:
electrical appliance companyUsing just licenses we developed a solution to help a project team cordinate the sale and installation of electrical product.
Salesforce Auto Attach Email to Custom ObjectDeveloped an email solution to track both sent and recieved email using custom email templates, apex triggers and salesforce for outlook
Salesforce Electronic Signaturedeveloped a solution using Visualforce technology with EZSign app. The end user can choose to sign the Quote in front of the Sales Rep via iPad or sign it remotely from their own PC.
Salesforce Quick Quote WizardDeveloped a solution which acts as a Quick Quote Wizard using Visualforce technology. This wizard will automatically capture all information in one page together with items to quote to customers. When this wizard is completed, all the relevant information will be entered into different objects automatically.
Food preperation industrydeveloped a solution to create a daily data update from Micronet into Salesforce to ensure that the data in Salesforce is up-to-date
Finance and investmentDeveloped a solution which creates a daily data feed from Salesforce to XPLAN so that Advisers can access to investor information.
Salesforce Upgrade Partner Portal to Partner CommunityHelped with a major migration from Partner portal to partner community - along with enhancements to reports and dashboards
Salesforce Mass Email Based On Opportunity Criteriadeveloped a solution in Salesforce which provides the feature of sending emails pertaining to records when the triggering criteria is met (which is standard), This was enhanced to ensure that duplicate mails are prevented and that the criterias do not overlap one another.
Lighting retail companyDeveloped a solution to capture the baseline lighting system (current) and compare it with the upgraded lighting system (proposed)
SoftwareDeveloped a solution in Salesforce for the automatic assignment of license keys and the process.
Dental SurgeryDeveloped a solution to synchronise account, workcode, case information between Labnet and Salesforce.
Salesforce Automating Record Sharing Based On Dynamic User Field Valuedeveloped a solution which allows the customer to share cases with specific users based on a User Lookup field.
Retail OrganisationDeveloped a solution in Salesforce to keep track of
Purchase Order (and keep track of status)
Inventory (Alert reseller and principal when stock volume is low)
Stock usage
Community organisationUsing partner communities develped a solution that connects the community of people to different organisations including the non-profit organisations
Salesforce as a Knowledge Base SystemDeveloped a solution in Salesforce which:
Utilize the Salesforce Knowledge feature.
Setup and customise the Public Knowledge Base app.