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ConstructionData intelligence and leads coming from BCI are the core sales opportunity in the business of our chemical construction site service customer.

These leads are externally provisioned through CSV files and it needs to be tracked in Salesforce so that it can blend into other business data.

BCI Data Modelling in Salesforce
Externally provisioned through CSV files and needs to be tracked in Salesforce so that it can blend into other business data in Salesforce. Solution involved:
- Review through the files given by BCI and review the data that need to be in Salesforce
- Identified the core objects – Project, Firm, Contact, Contact Role
- Work through a model to connect these objects as part of Standard/Custom object and link with Opportunity to track any finance information

Components: Data modelling
ConstructionA start-up in the construction industry required a secure reliable email, calendaring and intranet for their business. The customer is currently looking for a secure reliable email, calendaring and intranet for their businessProvide email, calendaring, document sharing and collaboration tools for an enterprise in start-up mode.

Components: Google Apps Premier Edition
EducationInstead of having a list of fixed Terms and Conditions in the quote template, our customer needs to have them to be displayed dynamically based on a product.To generate quote template with dynamic Terms & Conditions based on user selection.

Components: Template Generation Tool
EducationRequired data to migrate from CSV file formats to SalesforceCustomer was migrating data from several legacy systems. Data was exported to flat files. The task was to migrate data from these CSV file formats to Salesforce.

Components: Salesforce and Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce
EducationOur customer’s business is to provide training courses to clients. They have to manage all the available courses, students, enrolments, and also the trainers in one system to ensure all the information is kept correctlySetting up Course Enrolment System inside Salesforce. Also, get the time of the courses to be displayed in Calendar view which will help in allocating time to any available trainer.

Components: Data model design and configuration
EducationThis customer has huge number of applicants applying for a different range of products everyday.Generate form with pre-populated values. Pre-populate values into different section of the form based on relevant criteria.

Components: Apex Trigger
EducationRequired ActionHRM and Kallidus IntegrationCustomer tracks employees information in Action HRM. A set of qualified employees Id will be listed in CSV format and to be uploaded to an FTP server. The integration process in return query for the employees details using ActionHRM API to produce student information in CSV format for Kallidus to process. Applications used were Sharefile, ActionHRM, Kallidus. Boomi was also used as the tool. Sharefile (CSV) > (Query) ActionHRM Employees > (CSV) Kallidushttps://wdcigroup.net/wedid-actionhrm-and-kallidus-integration/
EducationThis Higher Education Provider has a requirement to report their PIR data on a yearly basisIf you are running or want to run your SMS on the Salesforce platform, we can implement Salesforce to ensure you have all the required data. In addition we can export all the required PIR Data to a text positioned file so that they can be directly consumed into HEPCAT. Also using Salesforce and TEQSA PIR Reporting to make life easier.https://wdcigroup.net/salesforce-and-teqsa-pir-reporting-making-life-easier/
EducationRegistered Training Organisation (RTOs) populate student enrolment data directly to salesforceThe solution which is a Salesforce Visualforce page can be sent directly from Salesforce using the “Send Email” feature or can be brought up on Site using a standard browser. The benefit to RTOs
- Information is captured directly into Salesforce against the student records thus reducing double handling. For example, having to transfer from Hard Copies.
- The Enrolment Form can be completed on desktops and mobile devices.
- Maintaining of courses can be performed directly in Salesforce and shown live in enrolment form.
- Certain information captured can be used directly for mandatory reporting purposes e.g. AVETMISS (Only if reporting engine is set up in Salesforce instance).
EducationThis Registered Training Organisation (RTO) requires student information to be input to Salesforce and then export-related Salesforce data for AVETMISS and HEIMS reportingProvided customer auto-complete feature so that when user key in Language/Subject Field of Education, their code will be auto-populated in their id field. This method will overcome Salesforce picklist limit as well. JavaScript is used to create autocomplete feature.

Components: JavaScript
EducationCensus date automation for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) using salesforce instead of a manual census date-data population for each student.Census date is populated automatically after new student enrolment to a course. Census date automatically marked to ‘Accomplished’ when census date is reached. No manual work needed anymore for customer.

Components: Process Builder, Flow and Formula.
EducationRegistered Training Organisation (RTO) required collection of student’s Tax File Number (TFN) for HEIMS reportingA trigger to check the TFN provided before the record is saved:
-Use text instead of number so that ‘0’ is not omitted when it is a leading digit.
-Length check to ensure TFN provided is either 8 or 9 characters. Throw error when it is not.
-Two version of checking against algorithm, one for 8 characters, one for 9 characters. Throw error if it doesn’t pass the checking.

Components: Apex Class and Apex Trigger
EducationRegistered Training Organisation (RTO) admins are required to print out default course enrolment form and fill in course data (course name, start date, end date, etc.) before student receives it. Once the student is registered, a manual confirmation slip (student details, class time, etc.) will be created and sent to the student by post.Automate enrolment form generation (pre-populate with course data) and email to student and automate student confirmation (pre-populate enrolment data) by emailshttps://wdcigroup.net/wedid-student-enrolment-form-confirmation-email/
EducationThis Registered Training Organisation (RTO) would love to have a tool to equip their existing student management and at the same time allow them to work around the compliance and claiming side of the business. However, for companies who choose to have separate applications for the reason of fully utilising the capability of each application (CRM, SMS), may have a discrepancy of data which is not scalable between the two applications.To synchronise account, student contact, enrolment, course, course delivery, attendance between Salesforce CRM and Student Management System (JobReady).

Components: Salesforce, JobReady and Boomi
EducationSalesforce provides a Single Pane of Glass for the Education IndustryWDCi has been working to develop a product called Luana which is built natively on the Salesforce standard data model to handle processes mostly used by the RTOs. Luana works within the Salesforce platform.https://wdcigroup.net/salesforce-provides-a-single-pane-of-glass-for-the-education-industry/
EducationUsing Salesforce and AVETMISS data to test positioned filesThe solution allows a user to export all the required AVETMISS data to text positioned files which then can then be submitted for validation in NCVER.https://wdcigroup.net/salesforce-and-avetmiss-reporting/
EducationWith the current process there was no way to tell what stage a students application was for the marketing team which resulted in missed opportunities or wasted calls to students who have already applied.
RightNow and PeopleSoft Integration
To synchronise Student Contact information between the PeopleSoft database and RightNow. The process retrieves a “delta” of the daily changes in the PeopleSoft staging database and then uses a combination of criteria including Student ID, emails etc. to match, Create and update records in RightNow

Components: RightNow, PeopleSoft and Boomi
EducationNeeds the student application data from SATAC to be integrated into RightNow for Processing. This is to assist with decision making on applications made to the institute.Enhance the application data to be synchronized accurately into RightNow and replace manual entry of large number of application records.

Components: SATAC, RightNow and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
EducationInformation from a student management system (via database connection) needs to be extracted into *.csv format. It is then to be loaded into an SFTP server hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which then produces report on student wellness and their engagement.To generate csv files which consist of student and courses information and load it into SFTP server. Extract student and course information daily and convert the information to CSV format file.

Components: Oracle Database, SFTP and Boomi
EducationThe client had a requirement to capture course information from Callista and student/user information from an OpenLDAP directory.
University, Callista and OpenLDAP Integration.
To capture relevant data relating to a student/employee from Callista and LDAP, and combine the information into a single Flat File / XML.

Components: Callista Student Information System, LDAP and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
EducationThe client was running the Callista Student Management System and they needed the ability to provision student enrolment information to the Pearson Learning Studio system.
University, Callista and Pearson Integration
Query/lookup for Student enrolment information and upsert records into Pearson Learning Studio

Components: Callista Student Information System, Pearson Learning Studio and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
EducationThe client needs to synchronize the enrolment information in Callista with RightNow to assist with marketing and tracking of student enrolments status.
University, Callista and RightNow Integration
Keeping records in Callista and RightNow in sync

Components: Callista, RightNow and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
EducationThe client is having difficulties to ensure information across Salesforce is in sync in Xero rather than to maintain both instances manually.To establish synchronization between Salesforce instance and Xero where opportunities and contacts in Salesforce can be easily synced into Xero.

Components: Salesforce and Xero
EducationWhen an opportunity is closed, students will be enrolled in different courses. The enrolment data and all the dependent data (Account/Contact) needed to be re-entered manually into JobReady.To synchronize student, account and contact information between Salesforce and JobReady

Components: Salesforce, JobReady and Talend
EducationMentoring program widely connects the community of people to different organisations including the non-profit organisations. Salesforce is a common tool for many organisations setting up the mentoring program- Partner community has been enabled to allow mentor/mentee to collaborate
- Mentor shares opportunities via chatter
- Data model design to track records for: mentor, mentee, course and job placement, pathway
- Mentors to match track record of the mentees’ pathway to the appropriate placement
- Configure records for restricted accessibility

Components: Partner Community, Chatter and Data Model Design
EducationMoving the maintenance of customer and merchant records from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Salesforce.To sync the customer and merchant information between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Salesforce and to Sync the sales order to Salesforce. The solution process involved Bi-directional sync of Customer record between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Salesforce. Microsoft Dynamics AX Sales Order to create/update Salesforce Order and Order Line.

Components: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Boomi.
EducationA recruiting company refers the candidate to their clients daily. Required a mechanism to generate an Opportunity based on all the un-billed referrals within the certain time range. The Opportunity can then be synchronised into Xero.In Salesforce, we create a wizard:
- To search for all unbilled references for a specific organisation in a time range
- To automatically attach the returned unbilled reference result into a Salesforce opportunity as the line item
- Install WDCi Salesforce-Xero Sync product

Components: Data Modelling, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce Visualforce Page and Salesforce-Xero Sync
EducationThis company earns their revenues through bookings services that they have planned and executed for their clients. Their invoicing practice is to invoice all completed line items of the bookings by end of month.- The line items of each bookings are set as products in Salesforce. These products must be from a single pricebook.
- Build a Visualforce page that allows the record search and filtering. i.e. Dates.
- With the results found from the search and filtering, user can choose which bookings and their line items to be processed.
- Once proceed, a trigger will create opportunities for each bookings and booking line items will be created as opportunity line items against the created opportunities.
- User can then use an app to sync the opportunities and their opportunity line items over to their accounting system for invoicing process.

Components: VisualForce, Trigger and Breadwinner App
EducationThis customer gains profit by referring potential customers to sign up for telco services. When their customers sign up, this customer will pay commission based on the type of services. At this moment, the commissions are being calculated manually in a spreadsheet and it is hard to keep track for each contractor across the whole FY.A solution is a design to tie each service with a commission amount. When an Opportunity is closed won, the commission will be auto calculated. The user can also run a report to display a list of contractors and the total commissions that they are entitled to.

Components: Formula, Validation Rules, Workflow and Report.
EducationCreating Custom Lead Convert on Related Lists. Information required being tracked by the user under leads. This information is being stored in custom objects linked against the leads.Creating lookup fields on the custom object. Building a simple trigger to populate the contact ID into the contact lookup field when the leave is converted OR utilizing the process builder that does the same trigger previously mentioned.

Components: Trigger or Salesforce Process Builder
EducationThe company (an Education Provider) will send a Quote via email to their customer. The customer will need to print out the Quote, sign it and either scan or mail it back. They would like to adopt electronic signature.Using Visualforce technology with EZSign app. The end user can choose to sign the Quote in front of the Sales Rep via iPad or sign it remotely from their own PC.

Components: Visualforce with EZSign App
EducationThis company sells yearly support subscription to their customers. When an Opportunity is closed, they would like to ‘clone’ another opportunity with the close date (+1 year) populated. The current Clone function is not good enough as they will need to do the following step manually. Create a trigger that automatically “Clone” an Opportunity and populate the new close date. This “Cloned” Opportunity should only consist item with certain flag only (differentiate them as renewal line item)

Components: Apex Trigger
EducationThis company provides vast learning programs. This customer has been using Salesforce for several years to track student information including student certification details. The customer was chasing a solution for the following:
- Checking student eligibility before obtaining relevant certifications for enrolled programs
- Checking student results that determine the certification of enrolled programs
- Avoid duplicate certifications for similar programs
We were able to provide solutions by:
- Analysing the existing solution – that includes reviewing all the relevant existing codes.
- Identify the components to be updated or decommissioned.
- Introduced custom objects and fields to hold additional information for the enhanced solution.
- Developed new Apex codes to check for pre-requisites, results and duplication certifications.
- Data migration to update existing records so that the data will work on the enhanced solution.

Components: Apex, Custom Objects and Custom Fields
Education The client is providing mentoring /coaching services to individuals that work in managerial positions. They provide a web form for the potential applicants to submit their application details from the website. The applicants have to fill up their standard personal details and attach their personal resumes and supporting documents for submission as well.The solution included setting up a web form using a web form app – Form Assembly. Configure and map the relevant fields available in the web form against the fields in lead an map the attachment field in the web form against the lead related attachment object.

Components: Form Assembly
Education A training centre manages and reserve training venues for trainers who have booked the specific venues/room for running a training or workshop event. The customer requires a single place to view all venues with different status (i.e. ‘Booked’, ‘Tentative’, etc.) at different date/time. This enables the user to help make venue booking easier.Implement Salesforce with a data model that suits customer’s business requirement. Install and configure Calendar Anything to provide the customer with a one page view of all the venues that have been made reservations at specific date/time.

Components: Data Modelling and Calendar Anything
Education Enrolment is made on a monthly basis depending on the course offered during the month. These enrolments are tracked in a Salesforce Opportunity and the attendees are tracked as contact roles on the Opportunity. The current business model requires effort from both course trainer and the organiser, automation was required to reduce time and errors in the manual process.- Automate the verification process to ensure there is at least one contact role at stage = ‘Process Enrolment’
- Reduce staff effort by generating an invoice/certificate automatically at Opportunity Stage = ‘Process Enrolment’
- Automate the record deletion when course a is cancelled

Components: Apex Trigger
Education This company is apart of the Education Industry providing diploma programs and certifications. The new AVETMISS standard requires address entry to be validated by third party address provider. The current addresses in Salesforce do not have any validation. An integration service is required.When a new address is added or an existing address is updated, the integration service should submit the street, city, postcode, state and country to a third party address services. A result will be returned to confirm if this address is validated.

Components: Salesforce, Third-party address service and Boomi
ElectronicsFor marketing purposes, the customer would like to consolidate the sum of successful deals made during the previous financial year and the current financial year. They require a custom Roll Up with Relative Date CriteriaA custom roll-up mechanism is being implemented which allows the business to sum the transaction amount based on the specific financial year then propagate the sum value to the parent record. The calculation work is being scheduled daily.

Components: Apex Class and Apex Schedule.
EnergyThis lighting company has affiliation with IPART as they need to refer and conform to the required standards. This company would like to use Salesforce For Automated Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) CalculationsA new data model design is created to identify the stages of information capturing. Once these stages are identified, subsequent implementations are put into place according to the stages:
- Capture current and new lighting system in Salesforce
- Calculate saved MWH and ESC
- Calculate the estimated ESC money value and prepare a ROI report to end customer in quote
- Allow report generation based on the different stages
- Extend the data model design to cater for internal/IPART changes (e.g. formula, additional lighting products)

Components: Apex Class, Apex Trigger, Visualforce Page and Data Model Design
EnergyThis customer is a supplier of heating systems, DIY products and installation services. This company was keeping data related to their heating systems and installation sites in different systems. This current process is causing several hiccups such as: process isn't seamless, duplication of records and difficulty cross-referencing data.Our solution was to:
- Data model in Salesforce e.g. setup custom fields to store information
- Setup custom validation to minimise duplication of records
- Setup automation that handles lead conversion

Components: Process Builder and Flow
Energy A sustainable energy firm required a secure reliable email, calendaring and intranet service that linked to a Salesforce automation tool.Provide a simple low cost solution for salesforce automation, calendaring, email and document collaboration that could be expanded as needed. Applications: Google Apps, salesforce.com.

Components: Google Apps Premier Edition.
Energy The project coordinator of an Appliance Company only has Force.com App Subscription license and they need to extend Salesforce functionality for Job Tracking.1. Create a set of custom objects that keep track of installation job
2. Configure permission scheme so that the Force.com App Subscription user can view this object
3. Create a trigger to automatically create a Job when an Opportunity is closed won
4. When installation job is scheduled, inform installer by email and block their calendar

Components: Date Model Design, Apex Trigger and Security Model Design
Energy This Appliance Shop requires a solution for the below:
-Covert leads to account/Opportunities and close won successful opportunities
- Receive notification from sales
- Create an Installation record (Custom Object) and link to closed won opp to track status
- Manually update Installation status back to opportunity upon completion
The solution was to create separate data model for job installation and automate the job to create the installation record via a button ‘Create Installation Job’. Also to
provide validation to ensure only one installation record is created per Opportunity

Components: Apex Trigger, Apex Class, Visualforce Page and Custom Button
Energy Every day, each customer consumption will be sent to an FTP server. The usage information will be copied into Salesforce. By end of the month, this information will be captured into Saasu. Saasu will then send customer bill by post or email. The customer would like a salesforce automated billing engine. This company sells electricity. Analyse the data format for customer consumption. Design/create an integration Job that extracts daily customer consumption into Salesforce. Design/develop Salesforce to capture daily/month billing information. At the end of every month, another integration job will search and group data and integrate them into Saasu

Components: Apex Class, Visualforce, Apex Trigger, Talend Integration and Data Model Design
Energy The company who supply Automated Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) Calculations needs to capture the baseline lighting system (current) and compare it with the upgraded lighting system (proposed)- Capture current and new lighting system in Salesforce
- Calculate saved MWH and ESC
- Calculate the estimated ESC money value and prepare a ROI report to end customer in quote

Components: Apex Class, Apex Trigger, Visualforce Page and Data Model Design
Energy This customer currently deals with Energy Storage Solutions, Devices and Maintenance. The customer is looking for a solution to handle the tracking of installed devices at their end users sites, tracking of statuses on batch fixes and serial device replacement process.We came up with multiple solutions. Some solutions we used were:
- Setting up relevant fields and creating a custom page
- Developed an apex code to mass create Cases for the found assets
- Setup an automation that handles the replacement process from A-Z
- Setup inventory using the RIO Inventory App

Components: Visualforce, Apex, Flow, Custom Fields and RIO Inventory App
EngineeringThe customer has implemented the Purchase Order and approval process in Salesforce. The approved Purchase Order will be synchronised to Microsoft Dynamics GP for further processing (e.g., shipment, payment).To sync the purchase orders that have been approved from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The supplier details will be synchronised to Salesforce.

Components: Microsoft Dynamics GP, Salesforce and Boomi
EngineeringThis company earns their revenues by providing construction materials and services to their partners and builders. Currently, they do not have a way to track their sales.- Setup a proper data model
- Setup a model to enable the user to store builders bidding for the project
- Setup an automation to update the Opportunity when a builder wins the bidding
- Fit into Salesforce forecasting function - forecast will be able to capture both direct sales and bidding sales use cases

Components: Process Builder, Custom Objects and Fields
FinanceUsing SalesLogix to handle credit/loan deals. When the deals are approved, the deal (and the deal related information) need to be in return track in the SunGard Avantgard Integrity systemTo sync approved deals from SalesLogix into Avantgard Integrity system. When a SalesLogix Deal (Custom) is approved, it in return creates an agreement in Integrity. All children information from deal such as contact roles, tranches and fees will create a corresponding Integrity record respectively as well.

Components: Sage SalesLogix CRM, SunGard Avantgard Integrity and Boomi
FinanceOur Financial Services client required daily data uploads of investment related data into their Investment Management System. The client required daily data uploads of investment related data into their Investment Management System. The data arrived in CSV files that were transferred via FTP each evening and loaded into the MSSQL database.The solution needed to integrate a larger process and provide detailed error reports for any data issues found in the incoming data fields. Develop a rapid integration component to read CSV, perform data validation and upload to a database.

Components: Microsoft SQL Server and Talend Open Studio
FinanceCurrently using Marketo to track incoming leads that need to be converted to accounts and contacts respectively in their Infor CRM System. They would also like to track field changes and activities from Marketo into Infor.To ensure leads and their respective related records from Marketo are in-sync between Contact in their Infor system.

Components: Marketo, Infor and Boomi
FinanceTo be able to synchronize the on premise MYOB records to database.com, a hosted environment for easier access.Synchronize MYOB records into database.com. Process involved Creating/Updating active items from MYOB to database.com and to Create/Update contact from MYOB to database.com

Components: MYOB Accounting Premier, Database.com and Talend
FinanceRequires data to migrate from MYOB to SalesforceMigrate data from MYOB to Salesforce

Components: MYOB, Salesforce, CSV Export and Database
FinanceRequires data to migrate from QuickBooks to SalesforceMigrate data from QuickBooks to Salesforce

Components: QuickBooks, Salesforce, XML and CSV export
FinanceThe client had implemented Salesforce, and is running Dynamics GP v2010 for their Accounting system. A solution was required to integrate the two systems for Order > Cash transactions.The integration process required to synchronize the information between Salesforce and Microsoft GP. It also helps to automate the Sales Order and Invoice creation into Microsoft GP.

Components: Salesforce, Dynamics GP, eConnect, SQL Server Database and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
FinanceCustomer needs to manually insert Sales Orders/Invoices into MYOB EXO Business if any Closed/Won Salesforce Opportunities created. This resulted in data error and inconsistencies.Automatically synchronize Salesforce. Opportunities to MYOB EXO Business as Order/Invoices. Any Closed/Won Salesforce Opportunities will be picked up by the integration and they will be created as Order/Invoice in MYOB EXO Business

Components: MYOB EXO Business, Salesforce and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
FinanceWhen Opportunities were won in Salesforce there was a manual entry of the Customer details into the MYOB accounting system and a manual update of the Salesforce Opportunity with the Invoice details from MYOB.Eliminate manual data entry of MYOB orders from Salesforce Opportunities. Automatically update Salesforce Opportunities with MYOB Invoice numbers.

Components: MYOB Accounting Premier and Salesforce
FinanceA large volume of invoices are generated every day. This was being handled manually and required an automated solution to free up staff and ensure invoices were generated quickly.Automate invoice creation from Salesforce Opportunities. Automate Product – Item synchronisation between Salesforce and QuickBooks.

Components: Salesforce, QuickBooks and Boomi AtomSphere
FinanceTo track sales opportunities in Salesforce and QuickBooks as their accounting system. These is currently no sync between these two systems.Automate the invoice creation, product and contact synchronisation.

Components: QuickBooks and Salesforce
FinanceRequires a sync between Salesforce and Saasu to create invoicesAutomate the invoice creation, product and contact synchronisation. Ideally customer will receive an invoice from email automatically

Components: Saasu and Salesforce
FinanceThis company is an investment business. All investors information such as their investments, distributions, etc. are all kept in Salesforce. The Adviser is unable to access this information via XPLAN.Daily data feed from Salesforce to XPLAN so that Advisers can access to investor information.

Components: Salesforce, IRESS XPLAN and Talend
FinancialThe customer would like to host a community forum in Salesforce which allows customers to discuss and contribute ideas by using Salesforce Chatter function. They also would like to consolidate the information that they have in the website to the community forum.The Salesforce Visualforce page is used to build a custom webpage for the community forum. The Visualforce page also embed with the Chatter functionality so that customers can collaborate with each other.

Components: Visualforce Page, Chatter, Apex Class and Salesforce Community
Food and BeverageThe customer is a coffee roasting company who also sell different types of coffee making equipment to their customers across Australia. They would like to have the existing customers and equipment data that they have in Micronet to be populated into Salesforce automatically for reporting purposesDaily data update from Micronet into Salesforce to ensure that the data in Salesforce is up-to-date.

Components: Salesforce, Micronet and Talend
Food and BeverageOne of the most significant challenges which face clubs is managing the membership data which flows into Salesforce. This customer wants to
Auto Populate and Validate Salesforce Address with Kleber Data Tools
Utilizing the Kleber API, forms are provisioned for the clubs members on-site at the club venue (new and for renewal) or online (for renewal). These forms are set up in the address fields to suggest and prepopulated the inputs during the application process. In case an address was added manually, a second layer of checking against the address filled will be executed to ensure the address validity.

Components: Visualforce Pages and Apex Classes
Food and beverageThis customer is manually calculating any figure related info using an external app or device. This will clearly allow room for calculation mistakes and data discrepancies in results.We replicate the whole form into Salesforce by creating a custom object that holds the required information. Creating a record in Salesforce now has replaced the need to fill up the physical form manually and the information can be linked to any relevant records (e.g. Account). Filling relevant information can also be done using mobile device e.g. iPad or a tablet.
We have implemented a series of workflows, validation rules and Apex triggers to do the following:
1. Workflows to populate certain values on form completion.
2. Validation rule ensures certain fields are filled up before completing the forms.
3. Triggers to handle complex calculation logic and alerts.

Components: Workflow, Validation Rules, Apex Triggers and Apex Classes
Food and BeverageThis business currently specialises in Seafood sales and marketing agency. Customer has been using Partner Portal for a while. They need to migrate all the existing function to Partner Community. Using Salesforce to upgrade Partner Portal to Partner Community. - Migrate Partner Portal to Partner Community
- Implement additional report/dashboard function that provides personalised view for each Partner
- Implement security model so that each Partner can only view their own transaction
- Enhance Partner Community branding
- Implement Partner Community Chatter so that the internal team can collaborate with different Partners

Components: Reports and Dashboards, Partner Community, Security Modelling, Custom Object Development and Chatter Configuration
Food and Beverage This business currently specialises in Seafood sales and marketing agency. Currently using the following model to track the inventory and price of the products.
Business organisation <- sends/retrieves inventory spreadsheet -> Reseller 1
Business organisation <- sends/retrieves inventory spreadsheet -> Reseller 2
Business organisation <- sends/retrieves inventory spreadsheet -> Reseller 3
Design a new data model in Salesforce to keep track of:
- Purchase Order (and keep track of status)
- Inventory (Alert reseller and principal when stock volume is low)
- Stock usage
Once the data model is finalised and the correct permission scheme is set, enable the Partner Community function to allow Resellers to login to view/modify their own records.

Components: Partner Community, Workflow, Custom Object/Fields and Validation Rules
GovernmentThis client provides expert finance solutions. The client is using both Sage SalesLogix CRM and Aprimo to handle the sales cycle and marketing. And, they want both of the Sales and the Marketing team always have the updated information.The customer records between two systems need to be consistently synced to avoid invalid information and duplicate entry.

Components: Sage SalesLogix CRM, Aprimo and Boomi
GovernmentThe default Salesforce Account Billing/Shipping address are in free text format (Salesforce Address Validation). The users are allowed to put in any value. That causes data quality issue. Customise Salesforce to integrate with third party web mapping tools such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Map etc.

Components: Apex Class, Apex Component and Third Party API Access
HealthcareAn Aged Care Facility is using Salesforce in a Residential care environment where all data needs to be stored in a single system.Gather all data and understand the origin and process involved. Design the data model and to ensure a single point of data but ensure that security will not be compromised. Leverage Salesforce Customer Community to provide updates on the residents to family members. We used Salesforce, Data modelling, Customer Community, Visualforce Page, Apex Trigger to provide a solution to this customer.

Components: Data modelling, Customer Community, Visualforce Page and Apex Trigger
HealthcareThis client manufactors and designs life saving decives. The client uses a Device Compliance Tool to perform testing on devices. The test results need to be tracked through Teradata based on the specific device family type.Ensure all devices test results are tracked in Teradata database. When a test result is available in a local disk as an XML format file, information will be extracted and inserted into Teradata tables and its child tables based on the device family the device belongs to.

Components: Local Disk, Teradata and Boomi
HealthcareClient uses an ERP system, QAD and information such as Corporate Group, Customer, Item etc. synced to Salesforce. This is to ensure transaction managed by other teams using these two different systems are in sync with one another.To ensure information manages between QAD and Salesforce are in sync with one another.

Components: QAD, Salesforce and Boomi
HealthcareA client is managing support cases and work orders through Salesforce. They would like all entries and its children records to be tracked in Teradata as well.Sync any records updates from Salesforce into Teradata.

Components: Salesforce.com CRM, Teradata and Boomi
HealthcareClient performs testing on devices that are assigned specific work orders. Results generated from testing needs to be attached into Salesforce as a reference.To attach the test result (in XML format) generated from a Device Compliance Tool into Salesforce. When a test result is available in a local disk as an XML format file, it will be attached into Salesforce’s Custom Object called Work Order. The matching Work Order information can be extracted from the XML file.

Components: Local Disk, Salesforce.com CRM and Boomi
Human ResourceUsers would like to have a mechanism of sending out documents from Salesforce to their clients for signature automatically.With the installation of Conga Composer, Conga Workflow and DocuSign apps, we can create a workflow that will be triggered by the quote status.

Components: Conga Composer, Conga Workflow and Salesforce Workflow.
InsuranceThe current utilisation of the EAI production platform was at 80%. The client needed to understand what remaining capacity was available.Enable the client to understand the capacity of their current environment. Eliminate manual intervention by development and support teams. Design a new enterprise integration platform architecture based on the client integration roadmap. Deliver knowledge transfer to client team to ensure ongoing best-practice for their future implementations.

Components: AS400 DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Custom Web Solution (ASP.Net) and webMethods Integration Platform
InsuranceAn insurance company requires the renewal customer policy yearly. The out-of-box clone button is not sufficient as the policy dollar value will need to be recalculated and certain date fields change during the cloning process. Also, it will not copy all the child records.Custom clone button with Apex Extension

Components: Apex Class, Visualforce and Custom Button
InternalProject lifecycle is tracked in two systems. Currently the user has to log into both systems to get a full project statusTrack project life cycle status within one Salesforce system.

Components: AppExchange and Apex Customization
InternalImplement a leave application in their Salesforce system to enable the employee to submit leave application online. They would also like to track the employee’s leave balances as well as the approval statuses in one system.Enable users to apply leave in single system. Enable the management user to easy access and approve the application form. Track user’s entitled leave and leave balances

Components: Force.com, Platform Workflow and Approval Process
InternalWanting to set up an environment which enables your customer to self serve themselves using Salesforce and communities?- The communities were set up in Salesforce which blended in with their corporate website – for a look and feel
- Customers were able to view records relevant to them. (and from a security perspective – only them)
- Customers are able to communicate (and collaborate) with the internal users through Chatter posts

Components: Salesforce
Internal The client wants to sync Oracle database, which contains Active Directory records, to those in Equella so that the users will be granted access to their respective repositories. The client also requested where possible reduce the queries from Equella.Query group members from Oracle and update groups in Equella.

Components: Oracle Database, Equella and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
Internal Salesforce metadata between two company's are not compatible.To detect all metadata related to Company A and then rename them. Search all components using wildcards via Salesforce metadata API. Find, replace and deploy the latest change set into Salesforce.

Components: Salesforce Metadata API
Internal The customer would like to use Salesforce to be able to Auto Attach Email to Custom ObjectImplement Salesforce for Outlook plugin. Create additional email handler to read custom object reference code in the email content and attach it to the custom object

Components: Custom Email Template, Apex Trigger and Salesforce for Outlook
Internal Most Salesforce has more than one channel where Lead can be created. That is why it is common to have duplicate leads.Determine a common pattern to recognise duplicate lead. For example Email address. Create a trigger that does the following:
1. A Lead is converted to an Account and a Contact
2. The trigger can then search the Lead database for other records that share the same email address
3. Convert all the duplicate leads and merge them into the Converted Account and Contact

Components: Apex Trigger
Manufacturing A machinery company sells products to their users directly or via a dealer. When a product has an issue, they will ring up the machinery company. The serial number checking process is manual and not efficient. When a technician is sent on site, a work order/invoice require signature immediately. This is not possible at this moment.Salesforce case module is customised to relate assets (serial number). From the asset warranty date, they can decide if this repair service should be covered under the warranty. During the site visit, the technician will bring a tablet and generate the work order/invoice on the spot. The customer can sign the work order/invoice on the spot using an electronic signature.

Components: SDocs, DocuSign and Apex Trigger
Not-for-ProfitA non-profit organization requires the help of the mentors from different non-profit organizations to assist the less fortunate community in search for course placement and job placement.The solution includes a Chatter feature for better collaboration, to create a community with shared information related to any course/job placements and extend SF accessibility to more users

Components: Partner Community and Chatter
Not-for-ProfitUsing Salesforce to provide a health check your IT systems.Used against existing SF instance for security health check, scanning apex code/s within SF instances, Monitor SF API request limit etc.https://wdcigroup.net/wedid-salesforce-health-check/
Not-for-ProfitThis is a not-for-profit art company. In order to build the portfolio, different art pieces will be included. The cost/margin of each art piece needs to be calculated. The rental price of each art piece will require calculation too. All calculations are done manually.Customize Salesforce to handle: Art piece sales, Portfolio investment build, Art piece rental, Agreement Generation and Auto calculation for sales/rental price.

Components: SDocs (Third-Party App), Apex Trigger and Data Model Design
OnlineThis company provides an online platform for selling of goods. They required us to restrict Boomi login users to have certain privileges when performing development and/or monitoring the processes logsThe solution was to create more restrictive privileges for different Boomi login users of an account. To accomplish this we needed to Enable the Boomi Advanced User Security feature. This allows the creation of custom roles with a combination of different privileges. Assign the different custom roles set up to the appropriate user as well as assigning the respective custom roles to only the environment which the user is allowed to see.

Components: Dell Boomi AtomSphere
OnlineThe company send newsletters to their clients based on the topic they subscribed. From time to time, in order to get the latest update from their client. They will need to send a paper form to the clients. Once the clients update the topics, the admin can then arrange for the newsletter.We have created a flow like below:
- The admin will select the target audiences and perform a mass email
- Each contact (client) will receive a personalised form with their existing selections of topic
- Once the form is updated, the information will be updated into Salesforce

Components: Email Template, Form Engine
OnlineSalesforce has an out-of-box feature which allows user to create Quote with form templates and saved as PDF. However, the customer is looking for additional feature to enable their clients to be able to sign on the quote electronically via mobile devices.Generate customized Quote template including all the relevant information. Signature can be signed on the customized form electronically. The Quote form can be saved as PDF file with or without the signature.

Components: Visualforce Page and Apex Controller
OnlineCustomer had an existing SSO solution for bowser-based user access to the Force.com platform. The solution did not cater for applications that required the use of other methods of connection to
the Force.com platform, such as the Salesforce for Outlook plug-in, Salesforce mobile app and other custom applications that use the Force.com APIs.
Developed a solution to provide secure SSO for all access points to Salesforce and Force.com

Components: Salesforce.com and Force.com
OnlineAllow customers to make purchases through their website but transactions and payments need to be tracked through NetSuite.To sync product, website users and sales transaction between website (WordPress Woo Commerce) and NetSuite.

Components: WordPress (Woo Commerce), NetSuite and Boomi
OnlineThe company sells product base on monthly subscription. There is a challenge for them to forecast their monthly revenue base on Account Industry.Custom Trigger on Opportunity object. This trigger will relate the opportunity to the respective budget and, at the same time, automatically creates a series of related opportunities based on the contract term of subscriptions.

Components: Apex Class, Apex Trigger and Reports
OnlineOne of our clients currently has an online store which is offering zipMoney as a form of payment. We decided to use Boomi to connect zipMoney and NetSuite Integration to help save company time as the previous process was very time consuming. When a customer registers an account in zipMoney, the application will be stored in NetSuite.
When the customer makes an order from the online store and payment via zipMoney, this will perform an order checkout to zipMoney for the particular order.
When the customer approves the payment, this will then update NetSuite indicating the order is successfully paid.

Components: zipMoney, NetSuite and Boomi
OnlineCase sharing rules are set to private. The customer would like to share it with specific users based on a User Lookup field.Create a trigger that automatically adds the User into CaseShare (Manual Sharing Rules).

Components: Apex Trigger
OnlineWith all the knowledge this customer has gathered, they would like one system to keep a record. They would also like to enable public access to some published articlesUtilize the Salesforce Knowledge feature and setup and customise the Public Knowledge Base app.

Components: Visualforce Page, Salesforce Knowledge and Force.com Sites
OnlineThe customer would like to implement SLA to all the accounts in Salesforce so that they can better deliver their support services to the clients.Utilise the Entitlement Management feature and configure the following component to meet customer’s SLA requirement:
-Entitlement Processes

Components: Salesforce Service Cloud and Entitlement Management
OnlineThis customer needs to help their partners to market their products to hypermart. The challenge they have is:
- Need to keep track of historical purchases (unable to share this information with their partners)
- When sales rep see an order from hypermart, they need to place an order to their partners.
- Monitor the shipment of the purchase to hypermart
- The communication between 3 parties are all in email/fax format
Salesforce Partner Community via the following setup:
- The partners can login and access to their Salesforce with restricted access to their own data.
- The partners can view all new/historical sales from different hypermart
- All communication (email/call) is tracked using Salesforce activities
- The full life cycle from Lead > Sales > Shipment is tracked in Salesforce. This process is also visible to the partners.

Components: Partner Community, Reports and Dashboards
Real estateA consultancy company needs to provide solution to the customer encompassing a portfolio of the retail information relating to the property, budgeting, landlord, solicitor etc. All retail entity is tracked and managed from the objects in the diagram to create a linkage. Precise data modelling is required. When documents are generated, retrieving information for each entity will not be an issue.
Each offer stage will be tracked individually. Once a final offer is decided, a trigger is implemented to roll up the final result to the opportunity.

Components: Data Modelling, Salesforce Apex and Conga Composer
Real estateCurrently using Salesforce out-of-box quote. In their quote, there are sections that display dynamic values. These dynamic values are based on different quotes or products.Generate Quote template that includes relevant information based on products and quote. User can determine what values to be or not to be included into the quote.

Components: Formula
Real estateAll staff members need to be informed of meeting details that they may not be able to attend in relation to projects.Mass email users with event meeting updates.

Components: Apex Class and Apex Trigger
Real estateOur customer sends out different types of quote form to their clients based on the type of order (ex. Direct Sales, Booking Order, Rental, etc.). Now, they are moving their business process into Salesforce.When the user clicks the button to generate a quote form, it will automatically generate a specified quote form based on the record type specified.

Components: Quote
Real estateThe company sells properties and property consulting services. The company wishes to use Salesforce to keep track of list of properties, information on property inspections and when a property has been proposed to etc.Create custom objects to store information on properties, inspection details and proposal details. Using validations rules, the lookup is controlled/filtered to the only lookup for available units (open for sale). Calculation of property selling prices and consultation services prices are done by introducing formula fields.

Components: Formula Fields, Validation Rules and Report
Real estateThis customer helps their clients to analyse, purchase and manage properties. They would like to implement a clean and lean workflow wizard in Salesforce that can help to reduce the manual work.A custom object is created to act as the workflow stage. In each stage, there will be a list of fields that need to be tracked. A series of Visualforce pages are used to read the workflow stages from the custom object and render the required fields dynamically on the fly. The Visualforce pages also act as the wizard to guide the users through the necessary steps involved in the business flow. We also use Salesforce Cloud Scheduler and Activity object. This allows users to schedule their meeting with customers and track any other activities.

Components: Visualforce Page, Apex Class, Workflow Rules and Cloud Scheduler
Real estateThe company is a property buyers group whereby they help their customers to identify the suitable properties to purchase. The company wants to have a system that can drive through the steps and captured all the required information involved in the process.Designed a new data model in Salesforce to capture the property buying process and information:
1. Create a custom object to track the workflow involves and information that need to be captured.
2. Create a workflow wizard by using VisualForce page which will guide user through the workflow configured in the custom object above and capture information into the CPP and LMP Opportunity, Loan Application (custom object), Property Settlement (custom object), and Property (custom object)

Components: Apex Class, Apex Trigger, VisualForce Page, Data Model Design and Workflow Rules
Real estate This customer is facing a challenge of having to incorporate company data between the applications that they use. For every booking done in RentalPoint, it needs to relate to the sales in Salesforce.Automatically synchronise Salesforce Account/Contact to RentalPoint as Customer/Contact and also RentalPoint Bookings to Salesforce Opportunity. Newly created account/contact will be synced to RentalPoint as customer/contact. Any bookings with Heavy Pencil/Confirmed/Cancelled with a given type will be created to Salesforce as opportunity.

Components: Salesforce, RentalPoint v10 and Talend.
Real estate Using Salesforce contact to track office staff information whereas CampaignTrack for all marketing information. Any information on Salesforce relating to the staff and opportunity will need to be created to CampaignTrack in real time. This proves difficult for manual handling, hence, a process automation needs to be in place.Synchronise information from Salesforce Contact and Opportunity to CampaignTrack as Agent and Listing in real time. Any contacts that are created/updated will be synced to Campaign Track in real time. Any opportunities that are created/updated will be synced to Campaign Track in real time.

Components: Salesforce, Campaign Track and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
Real estate Real estate Listings need to be consistently updated to the website portal for accurate reflection of availability and pricing information. The major challenges are too many listings to keep track of status and update the portal and listings get updated too frequently causing timing issues.Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated InspectRealEstate portal path for retrieval. Any listings that are created/updated will be synced to InspectRealEstate FTP server as zipped file containing listings in XML format.

Components: Salesforce, FTP - InspectRealEstate Portal (inspectrealestate.com.au) and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
Real estate Real estate Listings need to be consistently updated to the website portal for accurate reflection of availability and pricing information. The major challenges are too many listings to keep track of status and update the portal and listings get updated too frequently causing timing issues.Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated Rent.com.au portal path for retrieval. Any listings that are created/updated will be synced to Rent.com.au FTP server as zipped file containing listings in XML format.

Components: Salesforce, FTP - Rent.com.au Portal and Dell Boomi AtomSphere.
Real estate Real estate Listings need to be consistently updated to the website portal for accurate reflection of availability and pricing information. The major challenges are too many listings to keep track of status and update the portal and listings get updated too frequently causing timing issues.Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated allhomes portal path for retrieval. Any listings that are created/updated will be synced to allhomes FTP server as zipped file containing listings in XML format.

Components: Salesforce, FTP - allhomes Portal (allhomes.com.au) and Dell Boomi AtomSphere.
Real estate Real estate Listings need to be consistently updated to the website portal for accurate reflection of availability and pricing information. The major challenges are too many listings to keep track of status and update the portal and listings get updated too frequently causing timing issues.Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated Homehound portal path for retrieval. Any listings that are created/updated will be synced to Homehound FTP server as zipped file containing listings in XML format.

Components: Salesforce, FTP - Homehound Portal (homehound.com.au) and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
Real estate Real estate Listings need to be consistently updated to the website portal for accurate reflection of availability and pricing information. The major challenges are too many listings to keep track of status and update the portal and listings get updated too frequently causing timing issues.Synchronise listing information from Salesforce to designated REA portal path for retrieval. Any listings that are created/updated will be synced to REA FTP server as zipped file containing listings in XML format.

Components: Salesforce, FTP - REA Portal (realestate.com.au) and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
RetailA solution is required so that the same person won’t be double booked within the same period. The solution needs to detect overlapping events, the User can look at overlap Appointment and decide how to handle it.Provide a custom validation to prevent overlapping Appointment

Components: Apex Class and Apex Trigger
RetailA retailer supplies agricultural products to hypermarkets. It is crucial for this retailer to keep track of the level of supply every month in order to ensure that their suppliers will always have sufficient supply for the future order. However, at this moment the visibility of the supply level against the number of contracted order is not available.A supply and order forecast module is built in Salesforce. The users can now enter supply forecast records for each month and each product. Any opportunity line item created will be linked to the right supply forecast record. A report is then created to display the supply vs demand for the particular month.

Components: Data Model Design, Apex Trigger, Apex Classes and Reports & Dashboards
RetailThis customer offers a range of beauty and self care products and serivces. The Customer tracks their clinic appointments via the Booker application and wants to send confirmation via SMS to clients who’ve made appointments with their respective clinic. Booker Appointment and Twilio SMS IntegrationSalesforce will be populated with appointment information coming from Booker daily. At a specific time, the appointment records already stored in Salesforce will be scheduled to send outbound SMS to clients.
When clients reply, the SMS content will be stored into Booker Appointment Notes as an audit trail and the appointment in Booker will be marked as confirmed/cancelled depending on customer’s inbound SMS content (i.e. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’).

Components: Booker, Salesforce, Twilio and Boomi
RetailCustomers have to pre-book their gym activity in advance so that the classes can be arranged. It uses Salesforce to track certain details including customer health status (Custom Object), Health Hazard Identifier (Custom Object) and schedules for classes (Custom Object)Implementing page wizard to display all information in a one glance view. Saves time for the Salesperson and efficiently enrol members.

Components: Visualforce Page, Apex Class and Custom Button.
RetailRequired to integrate Magento into their Microsoft Dynamics GP system and SmartTurn. This will eliminate manual keying of data between the systems.Automate sales order creation from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Smart Turn. Automate Product information synchronisation between Microsoft Dynamics GP and SmartTurn. Microsoft Dynamics GP is updated once shipping is confirmed in SmartTurn. Any inventory adjustments are synchronised from SmartTurn to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Components: SmartTurn, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Magento and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
RetailThe user is having difficulties to ensure customer’s information and invoices in MYOB are up-to-date when a sales is closed via the company’s website.Ensure that the customer information and invoice records are automated and synced into MYOB from website sales (Business Catalyst)

Components: MYOB Accounting Premier, Business Catalyst and MYOB ReadyMade
RetailManaging the item inventory and transactions manually in both systems by different users may lead to data inconsistency and hassle.To ensure all transaction related to Item Inventory, Sales and Purchase is maintained and synchronized automatically across the company’s ERP system (NetSuite) and Warehouse Management System (SmartTurn)

Components: SmartTurn, NetSuite and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
RetailWeb registrant and web purchase are not visible inside Salesforce. The products in Salesforce and VirtueMart needed to be synchronised.Ensure that the web purchases from VirtueMart are being tracked in Salesforce.

Components: Joomla VirtueMart, Salesforce and Database Connector
RetailThis company earns their revenues through providing services and lab products. Provide an easier process for Sales team by no longer having to manually check for product details in different systems.Create a custom page in SF, Integration and web service calls to search for prices in SF. Components used were VisualForce and Trigger. Web Service Calls base code generated via WSDL2Apex then further modified to suit the need.https://wdcigroup.net/wedid-custom-cpq/
RetailEach of their leads have more than one location data (related list). Once the lead is converted, the customer would like the related list to be copied over into the Account object as well.To bring over the installation location data from Lead related list to opportunity and account related list on lead convert.

Component: Apex Trigger
RetailOur clients purchased Salesforce and would like to implement their subscription business model via the CRM system particularly on monthly billing.Automatically calculate monthly subscription amount. Automatically create billing schedule records to accommodate/record the monthly billing items and information

Components: Apex Class and Apex Trigger
RetailCurrently, the Administrator needs to run through a report for Opportunities – with ‘Shipping Confirmed’ stage. For each record, the Administrator will check to verify that only one of the above contact roles and not more than that appear in the Opportunity.- To automate the verification of the Opportunity Contact Role when opportunity stage is ‘Shipping Confirmed’.
- Trigger ensures that Opportunity owners insert the correct number of contact roles.
- An error message will be displayed when the incorrect number of contact roles is selected.
- Saves the Administrator time from checking each record.

Components: Apex Trigger
RetailThe Customer has businesses in different locations, identified as a Subsidiary in Salesforce. The Opportunities for the different locations are tracked using a custom field to identify each subsidiaryTo automate the verification of the Account Subsidiary and the selected Opportunity Line Item subsidiary when opportunity stage is ‘Shipping Confirmed’. More accurate sales reporting

Components: Apex Trigger
RetailThe customer business involves a lot of products(~100) created on a daily business. These are tracked in a different application and need to be reflected in Salesforce.Provide automated record association from a record template and link to the master record.

Components: Apex Class and Apex Trigger
RetailFiles are generated from a warehouse management system, with information about incoming and outgoing transactions, and transferred to a FTP server. These transaction files need to by synced to NetSuite.To sync incoming and outgoing transactions from warehouse management system into NetSuite.

Components: NetSuite, FTP (Storage) and Dell Boomi AtomSphere.
RetailThis customer offers a range of beauty and self care products and services. The customer is looking for a better system to store and clean up their data. The current system requires human input with results in data duplication.Using Salesforce we were able to implement:
- A custom object to store client information exported from 3rd party systems temporarily
- Created a duplicated and matching rule (8 combinations) against the custom object for deduplication purposes
- A simple integration process to consolidate duplicate records found as a unique contact

Components: Salesforce Data Loader, Duplicate Rule and Matching Rule
Retail The customer would like to shift to an on premise atom to have better control over the atom configuration within Boomi Atom Cloud.Installed on premise atom and transferred the existing integration process to ensure all processes utilizes the on premise atom instead using the Boomi tool.

Components: Boomi
Retail The Customer manages their clientele function bookings (i.e. company meetings, birthday party’s, wedding dinners, etc.) within Salesforce. They would like the ability to generate bulk documents in SalesforceThe customer requires flexibility over defining a range of functions base on date as well as venue when generating the functions agenda. Using Conga mail merge tool and Custom Link, Custom Fields, Workflows to generate the functions agenda in bulk.

Components: Custom Link, Custom Fields, Workflows and Conga
Retail The Customer manages their clientele function bookings (i.e. company meeting, birthday party, wedding dinner, etc.) within Salesforce. This customer wishes to have an enhanced recurring event in Salesforce.Utilizing the standard Salesforce task object attached to the parent event. This is used to spawn the desired recurring event when the events are created. Additionally apex customization is used to handle the double booking scenario instead. Components used were Custom Button, Visualforce Pages and Apex Classes.

Components: Custom Button, Visualforce Pages and Apex Classes
Retail This Dental Surgery Customer would like to synchronise various information between Labnet and SalesforceTo synchronise account, work code, case information between Labnet and Salesforce. When an account is created or updated in Labnet, it will be synchronised into Salesforce as Person Account. When work code is created or updated in Labnet, it will be synchronised into Salesforce as Product. When a case is created/invoiced in, Salesforce prospecting/closed won opportunity is created.

Components: Salesforce, Labnet and Talend
Retail This companies main revenue source is derived from the repair services and additional products they provide to the commercial and residential business. To be able to pass data off to different technicians without requiring phone or email communications.Create a two-way sync with different trigger points between Skedulo and Salesforce allowing the data to flow back and forth.

Components: VisualForce and Trigger
Retail These customers are currently using the following model to track the inventory and price of the products.Our solution was to Setup Salesforce Community and Design data model to extend SF components to resellers via Partner community. Allow the tracking of the purchase order for respective resellers and automate stocking process when inventory is low

Components: Partner Community
Retail The customer runs a flower shop that includes delivery service. This customer needs complete information of the buyer and sales order are important so that the goods are sent at a timely manner.Provide extensible filters for cross objects. Mass update records via inline editing. Access page by a single custom button/tab

Components: Visualforce Page, Apex Class and Custom Button
Retail A retail company sells and rents heavy machinery products to construction/ developer companies. Every product rented or sold comes with a different standard price depending on the client. Currently, prices are being held in a spreadsheet.A matching module is created. A user can now set up/related the pricebooks to the relevant customer type. When an opportunity is created, the correct pricebook will be selected automatically based on the client type set in Account. This eliminates the user from choosing the wrong pricebook.

Components: Apex Triggers and Apex Classes
Retail The customer would like to have more flexibility in designing the quote template (i.e. more control over the content style, page break, etc.) which meets their requirement.An easy one click button from Quote record to display a PDF rendered Quote in the format that meets the customer’s requirement. Capability to send email to contact with the PDF Quote attached

Components: Apex Trigger
Retail The client uses NetSuite and Manhattan Scale systems to manage transition orders. They would like to sync data between the two systems to track orders and the inventory system.The inventory records between two systems need to be consistently synced to track orders (from sales, purchase and return activities) and inventory (from the warehouse).

Components: NetSuite, SCALE and Dell Boomi AtomSphere.
Retail Requested for a report to outline the discrepancies between the inventory items between the warehouse management system (SCALE) and the ERP system (NetSuite)To produce a daily Inventory Reconciliation Report that outline the variance between 2 systems’ item quantity on hand. Both stock list files are retrieved from the FTP server daily which then they will be processed to generate a csv format reconciliation report.

Components: Dell Boomi AtomSphere and FTP
Retail This company sells maintenance contract to their customers. The standard workflow function has limitation building a dynamic template driven by the different custom object.Built a scheduled Apex Job that runs daily. This job calculates contract maintenance fees automatically.

Components: Schedulable Apex Class and CronTrigger Job
TechnologyThis customer has an existing Salesforce organisation dedicated to strategic teams and business’. They required cloning of Salesforce using the Force.com Migration ToolPerformed a clone of the existing organization to the new organization. Salesforce Force.com migration tool was used to migrate all the related components over to the new organization. Manual component cross-checking was required.

Components: All components beside 3rd part apps, Force.com Migration Tool
TechnologyUser requires a feature to populate mobile numbers into tasks and events from related leads or contacts.To populate mobile number from leads/contacts to tasks/events.

Components: Apex Trigger
TechnologyThe customer has a distributor that sell their product to reseller or end user throughout Europe countries. When an order is placed, the distributor will send an email with Purchase Order information and this information was being keyed into NetSuite manually. Once the order was confirmed, a separate email with Invoice information was sent back to the distributor.To capture purchase orders placed by distributors automatically and acknowledge them once the purchase order is processed. Match the existing Salesforce Opportunity with the information contains in the XML PO EDI and sync it to NetSuite. To send a confirmed invoice to distributors together with the associated product license key.

Components: NetSuite, Salesforce, XML EDI and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
TechnologyThe customer has many distributors that sell their product to reseller or end user. When an order is placed, the distributor will send an email with Purchase Order information and this information was being keyed into NetSuite manually. Once the order was confirmed, a separate email with Invoice information was sent back to the distributor.To capture purchase orders placed by distributors automatically and acknowledge them once the purchase order is processed. To send a confirmed invoice to distributors together with the associated product license key.

Components: NetSuite, X12 EDI and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
TechnologyThe customer had difficulty tracking their inventory plus the inconvenience of logging new sales orders to their warehouse system.Automatically create Sales Order in SmartTurn for every complete listing in eBay. Warehouse inventory is always up to date even for external sales.

Components: eBay, SmartTurn and Mail Connector
TechnologyThis customer is currently in the IT market helping other business with their software deployment plan.
- Data needs to be mapped according to the data structure between HubSpot and Salesforce.
- Salesforce system to enforce duplicate management to prevent duplicate data
- Record Assignment needs to be routed dynamically
- Multi-currency capability as only 1 system supports multi-currency
- ETL tool is utilised to make necessary transformation before it can be migrated to Salesforce
- Product, multi-currency and lead routing automations created to ensure the same information is reflected in both systems
- Introduce processes to track original audit fields, while at the same time tracking new records in current time

Components: Apex Class, Lead Assignment Rules, ETL and HubSpot Connector
TechnologyAn integration solution was required that synchronised key information between the systems as well as handling their complex inventory management requirements. The solution was also required to take Saasu Sales and generate Force.com Opportunities to provide visibility into sales metrics.Delivered a flexible, automated solution to synchronise Product, Contact, Account, Task and Job information. Generate Opportunities from Sales.

Components: Force.com, Saasu, Saasu Connector and Salesforce Connector
TechnologyCurrently, when the Support team escalates to the Dev team they need to create the JIRA issues manually. Updates to the support cases are not visible to the development team. Developers have limited visibility to the number of support cases for a specific bugAutomate issue creation from Parature to JIRA. Automate issue linking process between Parature and JIRA. A case may be caused by a new bug or an existing bug in JIRA. Automate information updates between Parature and JIRA.

Components: Parature, JIRA and Boomi
TechnologyA solution was needed to automate the manual process of User creation in Active Directory.To create users in Active Directory from new users created in NetSuite. When a Client is created in NetSuite, that information is replicated as a User in Active Directory. Client updates are also updated to Active Directory.

Components: NetSuite, Active Directory and Boomi
TechnologyWhen an Issue is created in NetSuite, the developer needs to manually create the Issue in JIRA. The developers are required to manually maintain issues in both systems. This is not productive and it’s prone to human error.Automate the issue linking process between NetSuite issue and JIRA issue. Automate information update in both NetSuite and JIRA

Components: NetSuite, JIRA and Boomi
TechnologyRequired data to be migrated from NetSuite to SalesforceMigrate data from NetSuite to Salesforce

Components: NetSuite and Salesforce
TechnologyCurrently used as their bug tracking system. Once bug is verified the Support Engineer creates a bug manually in Bugzilla. Support Engineers are then required to periodically login to Bugzilla to check if there are any updates from the developer on the bugAutomate case to bug creation. Once a case is confirmed as a bug in Salesforce, it will be created automatically in Bugzilla. Automate bug updates to the case. An engineer can read the latest status of the bug inside Salesforce case. Automate communication between Salesforce and Bugzilla. An engineer can communicate with Developer through Salesforce case comment.

Components: Salesforce, Bugzilla and Boomi Connector
TechnologyThe client has difficulties maintaining data between their In-house Database with Salesforce. Data needed to be replicated from Database to Salesforce.Replicate data from Database to Salesforce

Components: Salesforce, In-house Database and Jitterbit Data Loader
TechnologyThe challenge is to ensure challenge to ensure that the sales transaction records (i.e. opportunities, products, etc.) are in sync between these two separate applications managed by different sales team.To automate and synchronize the products and opportunities that were recorded in Salesforce and NetSuite systems.

Components: Salesforce, NetSuite and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
TechnologyWhen an Opportunity is ready to be synced to Saasu, user can execute the creation via sync button. Contact and order/invoice are created in Saasu.Automate the invoice creation to multiple Saasu files based on the allocated entity for the SF Opportunity contact role

Components: Sassu and Salesforce
TechnologyCustomer uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and WorkflowMax as their project management. Opportunities that are ready to start work need to be created into WorkflowMax as jobs along with the related clients.To automate the creation of a WorkflowMax Client and Job from a Salesforce Opportunity & Account. To update the Salesforce Opportunity from the WorkflowMax Job.

Components: WorkflowMax, Salesforce and Talend
TechnologyThere was a requirement to automate this process to eliminate manual entry, ensure data accuracy, provide visibility to payments and ensure a consistent reliable process for revenue recognition for their business.Automate the creation of NetSuite sales orders from Salesforce Opportunities. Automate project creation from Salesforce to NetSuite and OpenAir. Automate project updates from OpenAir to Salesforce and NetSuite. Automate invoice and payment information from NetSuite to Salesforce

Components: Salesforce CRM, NetSuite, OpenAir and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
TechnologyThe requirement was for a solution to eliminate the need to have each team member log into different applications to re-key data such as customer details, support requests and status.Automate account and contact synchronisation from Salesforce so that customers can directly create support requests in RightNow. Automate product synchronisation from Salesforce to RightNow. Automate support requests creation within Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA.

Components: Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA
TechnologyRequired data to be migrated from NetSuite to CSV File FormatMigrate data from NetSuite to CSV file format

Components: NetSuite, XML and CSV Export
TechnologyThe customer provides licenses and services on an annual basis. Service contracts are tracked as a Salesforce Opportunity (Parent) and any renewal subscriptions are tracked within an Opportunity that is linked to the Service Contract Opportunity, referred to as a Sub-Opportunity.Before a Parent Opportunity is Closed Won, any changes to the Close Date or Opportunity product will result in:
- updated Close Date on the Sub-Opportunities
- updated Products for all Sub-Opportunities

Components: Apex Trigger
TechnologyOur customer faces a problem when they try to track these users going into a prospective lead.Allow tracking/converting multiple contacts per lead.

Components: Apex Class and Apex Trigger
TechnologyData Centre management using salesforceManaging data centres with Salesforce includes options including:
- The marketing team can quickly retrieve key features and information on the data centres straight from a single record in Salesforce – saving staff enormous amounts of time, and ensuring consistent, accurate data.
- The Data centre team can easily track any current or historical engagement with customers.
- Preview other customer engagements external to our data centres based on other data intelligence that is stored in Salesforce
TechnologyRequires data to be migrated from Maximizer CRM to Salesforce CRMMigrate data from Maximizer CRM to Salesforce CRM

Components: Maximizer CRM, Salesforce, XML and CSV export
TechnologyTo provide secure SSO to salesforce.com, without the need for users or the IT department to manage yet another set of user credentials.Developed a solution to Utilise identities in existing LDAP repository for secure SSO to Salesforce.

Components: Salesforce.com and Open DS LDAP Directory
TechnologyThe customer need to interview their customer using iPad. Due to the complexity in the data model, they will need to create records in 8 different objects and links them together. This process is very time consuming and too many clicks are involvedTo replace manual form insertion and enhance the process on how information is being captured in Salesforce using iPad/iPhone.

Components: Visualforce Page and Apex Class
TechnologyWithout some type of integration, updated client information would not be replicated to Salesforce unless it was manually re-keyedThe integration process required to parse the CSV file and update Salesforce Account/Contact records.

Components: CSV File, Salesforce and Talend Open Studio
TechnologyRequires a backup solution for Accounts, Cases ,Contacts ,Leads ,Opportunities ,Pricebooks and ProductBackup important data from Salesforce and export CSV data periodically.

Components: Salesforce
TechnologyThe Customer has implemented an integrated solution to synchronise their Salesforce Opportunity records to their accounting system.- To automate the verification of the integration criteria without manually going through the checklist.
- Saves the Administrator time from checking through the records.
- Users can straight away modify the record and ensure the record will be synced when the integration process runs.

Components: Apex Trigger
TechnologyAccount is linked to a related custom object via a one to one relationship. All field details of the custom object need to be displayed on the Account view.Display all field details of the related custom object within the Account view.

Components: VisualPage and Apex Class
TechnologyCustomer uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and Saasu as their accounting system. The customer requires a quick solution to sync Contact and Opportunity data from Salesforce to Saasu Contacts and Invoices.Provide on-demand invoice creation and contact synchronization by clicking on a button in Contact or Opportunity page.

Components: Apex Class
TechnologyWhen the Invoice is paid, the payment amount will update the associated Salesforce record automaticallySync Saasu(purchase order and sales order type) payment automatically into Salesforce

Components: Apex Class
TechnologyThe client had implemented Salesforce, and required frequent data updates from their SAP system to Salesforce. They also required a solution to allow the upload of a large volume of files into SalesforceHelped with a major migration from Partner portal to partner community - along with enhancements to reports and dashboardshttps://wdcigroup.net/wedid-sap-and-salesforce/
TechnologyThe client had a tight deadline to deliver a new integration project between SAP and an in-house developed web-based solution.The contractor’s salary payment data is retrieved and processed. Then, the processed data will be pushed into SAP via SAP Adapter. The main reason for automating is to speed up the payment process and reduce human data entry error.

Components: SAP r/3 4.7, Custom Web Solution, webMethods 6.x platform and SAP Adapter
TechnologyThey keep track on opportunities using ascending/unique auto numbers. These job numbers will only be assigned to opportunities that hits certain stage.Dynamically assigned auto number to opportunities at certain stage.

Components: Apex Trigger and Apex Class
TechnologySales for the software license are tracked within the portal and Salesforce. These information needs to be updated to both systemsTo sync the purchased license details back to the portal. Any subsequent updates to the license such as renewal and cancellation need to be reflected in the portal.

Components: Software License Web Portal Salesforce and Boomi
TechnologyA software company needs an one stop support portal for their customer. They require a single support portal for their customers.Implement Service Cloud as a console for Support Engineer. The customer can logins to customer community to raise a support ticket, find knowledge base and raise their question via chatter answer. The premium customer can even have access for a live chat.

Components: Customer Community, Service Cloud Implementation, Entitlement Management, Chatter Answer, Knowledge Base, Live Agent, Email to Case and Web to Case
TechnologyTrouble maintaining information between two instances. An alternative option is require to manage information flow between these two instances. An integration process to synchronize records between Aprimo and Nexus FTP is the option decided moving forwardEnd-user has a client that requested translation services, i.e. documents translated. Documents to be translated are attached to an object in Aprimo. These documents need to be exported (along with Activity data) to a zipped file structure for upload to FTP site. The process queries for Digital Asset in Aprimo and zips them in a file before sending to the FTP. The process will pick up any translated documents from the FTP and update the related Aprimo Digital Asset accordingly.

Components: Aprimo, FTP and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
TechnologyThe requirement was to take a person’s contact details from the Aprimo marketing automation system and enhance the contact information by appending person-level geodemographic segmentation data from the geoTribes application to the contact record.To query contact from Aprimo and assign the relevant geodemographic data to the matching contact managed in geotribes and in return update the contact in Aprimo as well.

Components: Aprimo, Geotribes and Dell Boomi AtomSphere
TechnologyProjects needed to be synchronised between the two systems and time recording in AtTask updated to PeopleSoft.Connect PeopleSoft and AtTask to enable time recording to occur in @task, with time being updated to the synchronised PeopleSoft projects.

Components: AtTask, PeopleSoft and Boomi
TechnologyCurrent business process is manual. The customer can generate a CSV file containing the orders but needed an integration solution to updating their warehouse system automatically.Develop an automatic integration to create sales orders in SmartTurn from the transactions contained in the CSV files.

Components: SmartTurn, Disk Connector, SmartTurn Connector and Mail Connector
TechnologyWhenever an opportunity is closed won, the opportunity products should be assigned with activation codes and details. This can then be generated out in PDF form and sent to customers.We have implemented Visualforce page and Apex classes and to do the following:
1. Page to list out all the opportunity products that require product activation codes (exclude the product that do not require activation codes).
2. Apex class to search for available product activation codes from a different object based on specific criteria.
3. Apex class to link both the opportunity product and the product activation code together and populate relevant product activation code data to product and vice versa

Components: Apex Classes and Visualforce Page
TechnologyThe client would like to ensure that all the child records of a master record to be marked as Completed before the users can change any a specific value in the master recordEnsure that the master and child record objects are linked using master-detail relationship. Use a roll-up summary to calculate total child records and use roll-up summary to calculate total child records with “Completed” status. Use validation to check if these 2 roll-up summaries match. If matched allow the changes of a value in master record if not then otherwise.

Components: Data Model Design, Roll-Up Summary and Validation Rules.
TechnologyThe user has to manually assign license keys to the related software in Opportunity Line Item whenever the opportunities are closed as won.Create a trigger (License Key Automation) that allows users to assign license key to the related software automatically by a button click. The solution covers:
1. Listing out the software in Opportunity Line Item that will go through the license key assignment process. From the list, users have options to proceed or cancel.
2. If proceed, the license key assignment process will start.
3. In the assignment process, the trigger will search for the “Available” license key based on the type and version of the software. Once the list of available license keys has been found, one license key will be selected and assigned to the software. The software details will be populated with the assigned license key and the status of the license key will be set as “Not Available”.

Components: Apex Trigger and Visualforce
TechnologyThe client would like to ensure that every time a project record is created, all the relevant and related default records are automatically created. The related default records created are based on the different types of options selected at the master recordCreate a custom master object and a custom child object. This will act as the template placeholder. Create a look up at the project object that looks up to the template (custom master object mentioned above). User choose the template through the lookup field in project. All the relevant default child records will be created

Components: Data Model Design, Apex Trigger and Apex Classes
TechnologyThe client would like to run batch updates on the product price lists quarterly. They have multiple price books and different currencies for each product price.After installing the "Skyvva" app we then need to build a job that updates the price book entries and standardise the template used for the update process.

Components: Skyvva
TechnologyDuplicate leads may be created from different channels.We have implemented an Apex trigger to do the following:
1. When a user converts a Contact, the trigger will automatically search for any duplicate Leads (e.g. records with same Email).
2. If any matching Leads are found, they will be automatically converted and link to the related Contact. Latest information will be updated into Contact as well.

Components: Apex Trigger and Apex Class
TechnologyThis customer provides biotechnology products that they have developed, also they sell these products. The customer has been using Salesforce for quoting purposes for many years but they have found limitations with the Salesforce approval process. They have asked WDCi to help include with the approval process escalation functionality.WDCi provided our expert solution starting with:
- Analysing the existing approval functionality in Salesforce – that includes reviewing all the relevant settings and workarounds.
- Identify the possible approach to handle the escalation use cases.
- Introduced custom objects and fields for escalation purposes.
- Developed new Apex codes to calculate escalation dates – based on business hours and days.
- Developed new Apex codes to create escalated approvals.

Components: Custom Objects and Fields, Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages and Approval Process.
Technology Our customer has integration between Salesforce and NetSuite running for a quite some time. The integration is using the legacy NetSuite connector which only supports up to version 2009.1. Our customer has recently upgraded NetSuite to version 2013.1. Due to this, the existing integration is no longer working with the legacy connector.To upgrade the integration process from the legacy NetSuite connector to the new NetSuite connector which supports from version 2010.1.

Components: NetSuite and Boomi
Technology The customer has been managing quotes and sales orders through their ERP system, JIM2 plus uses Salesforce to capture incoming leads (for example via website) as well as closed won deals for analysis and reporting purposes. Our aim was to keep the customer and sales data in-synced between Salesforce and JIM2JIM2 expert proposed integrating between Salesforce and JIM2 through a staging table where JIM2 is able to feed actual information required to and from the staging table. Our solution was to have:
Cardfile (JIM2) and Account (Salesforce) sync bidirectionally
Contact (JIM2) and Contact (Salesforce) sync bidirectionally
Stock (JIM2) being the master record will be synced to Product (Salesforce)
Quote and Sales Order from JIM2 syncs into Opportunity (Salesforce)

Components: JIM2, Salesforce and Talend
Technology In a subscription business model, its important that the monthly invoice/bill amount is presented correctly to their customer. Billing schedule - Automatically calculate monthly subscription amountAutomatically calculate, for example the bill amount of a subscription (i.e. a subscription deal). Ensure that the bill amount is reflected correctly in the subscription (i.e. including a non-full month subscription which requires pro-rata calculation)

Component: Apex Class and Apex Trigger
Technology Salesforce is used as the mass email tool for marketing material. Based on the topics customer chose, the Admin will send out marketing collateral related to the topics they are interested in.Topic/s are tracked at Account/Contact level. By pairing with FromAssembly, we manage to generate a dynamic email that contains a link to a form we built in FormAssembly. This form will render the result differently based on the viewer. Customer will get this email from time to time and they can update their topic preference on the fly.

Components: FormAssembly and Custom Formula
Technology Salesforce provides the feature of sending emails pertaining to records when the triggering criteria is met.A combination of workflow rule and workflow actions are use to:
- Identify the stages of the criteria and what constitutes a new, updated, final opportunity and implement as the workflow rule criteria
- Prevent continuous loop by selecting the correct evaluation criteria.
- The above common error can be resolved by using a rule criteria based on the definition gathered from #1. Hence, send email template B – when opportunity is modified but not in closed won stage.

Components: Workflow Rule, Workflow Action and Email Templates
Technology This company is the leader in applications of science. The current flow to create a quote in Salesforce is too slow for this customer.Create a Quick Quote Wizard using Visualforce technology. This wizard will automatically capture all information in one page together with items to quote to customers. When this wizard is completed, all the relevant information will be entered into different objects automatically.

Components: Visualforce
Technology Requested multiple automatons in regards to tracking their clientele responses for running campaigns targeting existing clientele. Creating restrictions on Enterprise Edition in Salesforce.Creating custom objects and reusing process builder Process Builder, Enterprise Limitationshttps://wdcigroup.net/wedid-campaign-response-tracking/
TelecommunicationsA recent scenario we came across involved a company which is a leading provider of professional digital audio which they distribute the signals over networks. The support team within this company was using standard email tools to manage its customer support function. Already being a Salesforce user, they had a strong desire to streamline their new product services to be within their Salesforce organisation. The service portal in the organisation needed to be expanded to the partners and the end customers. Company is a leading provider in professional digital audio - distribute signals over networks. This company required a solution to be able to:
- Reply to the support cases from within Salesforce
-Automatically assign resources to the case based on the type of license sold
-Enable support teams to search for related Knowledgebase information to assist in servicing the customers’ needs.
- Execute a pathway for cases that proceed to higher technical levels of attention.

Components: Data modelling, Customer Community (Sales Service Template), Entitlement process, Flow and Workflow