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WeDid: Cross Object Page View With Extensible Filters Via Custom Button/Tab

Challenges The customer runs a flower shop that includes delivery service. Getting complete information of the buyer and sales order are important so that the goods are sent at a timely manner.At the end of the day, the customer needs: extended filter such as filter by client, order delivery date, order salesperson for specific records to mass…

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WeDid: Detect Overlapping Time

Challenges A customer has an Appointment custom object. This object has the following fields: Start Time End Time A solution is required so that the same person won’t be double booked within the same period. Whenever an Appointment record is created, the solution will need to consider the following scenarios: Appointment A Start Time does…

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WeDid: Create/Update data to Saasu with HTTP Callout

Challenges Customer uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and Saasu as their accounting system. The customer requires a quick solution to sync Contact and Opportunity data from Salesforce to Saasu Contacts and Invoices.   Solution: Provide on-demand invoice creation and contact synchronization by clicking on a button in Contact or Opportunity page.   Related Objects…

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