Salesforce: Part 1 – Default Lead Conversion Mapping For Business Account

Ever wonder where the fields are converted to from the Leads? Check out the following table that enlists the standard conversion from lead object to a business account, contact, opportunity.

Lead Fields (Converted from) Account Fields (Converted To) Contact Field (Converted To) Opportunity Fields (Converted To)
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Company Account Name Account Account NameOpportunity Name
Title Title
Lead Source Lead Source Lead Source
Campaign Primary Campaign Source
Annual Revenue Annual Revenue
Phone Phone Phone
Mobile Mobile
Fax Fax Fax
Fax Opt Out Fax Opt Out
Email Email
Email Opt Out Email Opt Out
Website Website
Rating Rating
No. of Employees Employees
Address Billing Address Mailing Address
Description Description
Do Not Call Do Not Call
Industry Industry
Owner Owner Owner Owner

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