Saasu – Company information via the API

If you are using Saasu and looking to integrate with Salesforce or a CRM that has a Company object, you’ll need to handle this differently with Saasu.  With the Saasu API you are able to create/update a Contact’s Company information via the Contact page as Company in Saasu is not a separate object.
To retrieve or create the Company information, we can do this via the Contact Object. In a Contact profile, Saasu utilizes the following elements to associate with the Contact’s Company:
organisationName, organisationAbn, organisationWebsite
Following is an example of a insertContact Request profile which consist of the Company information (see the bold section):
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
    <contact uid=”0″>
      <mainPhone>02 9999 9999</mainPhone>
      <mobilePhone>0444 444 444</mobilePhone>
      <tags>Gold Prospect, Film</tags>
        <street>3/33 Victory Av</street>
        <city>North Sydney</city>
        <street>111 Elizabeth street</street>
      <directDepositAccountName>John Smith</directDepositAccountName>
      <customField1>This is custom field 1</customField1>
      <customField2>This is custom field 2</customField2>
      <twitterID>Contact twitter id</twitterID>
      <skypeID>Contact skype id</skypeID>
For example, when creating/updating a Contact, the operation would use the organisationName value to find for matching Company Name and if there is no match, the defined Company will be created in Saasu instead.

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