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RIO Inventory

Enhance Salesforce with inventory capabilities providing product inventory level visibility to your sales teams.

Perform an extensive range of inventory management functions directly from within Salesforce:

  • Configure when you want to reserve and reduce from inventory through Opportunity Probability %ages
  • Utilise the multiple warehouse location capability
  • Use the Inventory Adjustment and Transfer capabilities and monitor with an audit trail
  • Utilise inventory batching with a number of options for assigning inventory available: FIFO, Earliest Expiry Date, Smallest Batch Qty
  • Need serialized products?  No problem, these can also be auto-created as Assets when an Opportunity is "Closed Won".
  • Cost Tracking and cost tracking reports
  • Kit/Combo capabilities
  • Bar code scanning
  • Generate Dispatch Notes and Picking Slips
  • Reports and Dashboards to monitor inventory status and view inventory changes over time


Capitalize on out of the box Salesforce features:

You will continue to use Opportunities, Products and Pricebooks in Salesforce, each Product has new attributes associated with them to track inventory. The use of Opportunities is key to RIO Inventory as the Opportunity Probability percentages determine the status of inventory levels for your Products.

Want to find out more?  See a list of videos showing RIO Inventory functionality here.

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