RIO Functions & Events

Get more from Salesforce with the ability to Plan Events, Room Bookings, Staff Activities and more on a Calendar. Streamline your business with a calendar-based planning tool providing:

  • Function Management
    - Manage leads through to booked functions
    - Double booking alerts
    - Room availability in a mobile-friendly calendar
    - Detailed Quotes, Manifests and Invoices
    - Manage and display run sheets and menu's
  • Multiple Location support
    - Manage Multiple locations, with multiple rooms/areas in each location
    - Automatic room setup/cleanup time set in the planner
  • Mobile interface and extensive user support:
    - Mobile / Lightning-enabled
    - Community Users supported
    - Alerts in reports/dashboards or real-time in calendar view


RIO Functions is an extension to transform the RIO Plan app into a Functions management app. After performing these installation steps, customize RIO Functions to suit your business requirements.


How It Works will explore how to create a plan from scratch. The steps involved are:

  • Create the Resource Types
  • Create the Resources (Venue) and link them to the Resource Types
  • Create the Plan/Roster
  • Create Roles for the Plan and link each Role to a Resource Type
  • View the Plan in the Planner Tab
  • Create Bookings for the Plan to link Resources (Venue) to Roles for specified time periods

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