RIO Finance

At WDCi we understand that implementing the solution is only half the answer. You need to know your integrations are working and you don’t want to diagnose and fix any issues yourself. This is why we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to support your solution. For a low monthly fee our support team can monitor your integration solutions, fix any issues and resolve them, all while you sleep.

Once connected, you will see these configuration options:

    • Enable RIO Finance – You can enable and disable this whenever you want. This needs to be enabled to sync records to Saasu, and to test your connection. Think of it as the On/Off switch. Haha, no. Don’t keep that.
    • Connected Service – This will say Not Connected at first, but will update once you have saved your connection.
      • Test Connection – This button manually checks if your connection with Saasu is still working. The Configuration page also automatically checks if the connection is working each time it loads.
      • Update Connection – This button reopens the Login window from the initial setup. This can be used if there’s been an issue connecting to Saasu, or you need to change the connected Saasu user.
    • File Id – Select the Saasu File Id
      • Not sure what this is? Check out the Saasu Setup.
      • Reminder: Once you select your File Id in Salesforce, you will not be able to change it. If you have made a mistake or need to change it for any reason, please contact us at
    • Email Body Template – Enter the text you want as the body of your email – this is used if you want Saasu to email out synced Invoices.
    • Use Salesforce Conversion Rate – You can choose to use Salesforce’s conversion rate when saving Invoice amounts to Saasu.
      • This is only visible if you are using a multi-currency org.

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