Engage Faculty and Students for Life Long Learning - in one system. 


Learn more about RIO Education 2.5 and all it's features below


  • Mobile Enabled Student Portal

    Students have real-time access to notifications, applications, enrollments, courses, subject scheduling and results

  • Student 360-Degree View

    View all interactions with each student, including first enquiry, credentials, enrollments, session registrations, results, case history and beyond graduation. 

  • Program Administration

    Create, schedule and manage your courses, sessions and teaching rosters. 

  • Faculty Community

    Give your lecturers and trainers a single, mobile-enabled portal to manage their daily tasks

  • Faculty/Trainer Allocation

    Schedule faculty members and resources for the right courses and sessions. 

  • Completions Engine

    Configure your completion rules, automatically flag students who have completed all requirements for certificates or qualifications.

  • Analytics

    Analyse and predict with the use of advanced AI.

  • Compliance Reporting

    Government compliance reporting out of the box

  • The world's #1 CRM Platform

    Salesforce EDA (Education Data Architecture) compatible. Tap into the 5000+ of add-on AppExchange apps to stay fresh and innovative

Administrative Community

At the core of RIO Education is the simplicity of setting up and managing the fundamentals of the Education process, once and in one system accessible 24x7 from anywhere.


  • Institution, Department and Campus Setup

  • Programs, Fees and Courses

  • Grading Setup

  • Program Bundle

Laptop view
  • Terms & Holidays

  • Pathways

  • Course Offerings

  • Course Sessions

Faculty Community

Trainers and lecturers get mobile access to session schedules, attendance marking, student notifications and much more in the Faculty Portal.

Student Community

RIO Education 's Student community is a mobile-ready portal for students to connect with the Faculty and manage their education pathway. Created to be branded and customised for your institution with configuration not code.


  • Program Application

    Manage the application process online

  • Course Enrollment

    Enroll in courses and sessions using advanced pre-requisite checking across multiple campuses

  • Student Pathway Tracking

    Follow our pre-set pathway or forge your own trail 

  • Session Tracking

    Receive real-time alerts and notifications 

  • Result Tracking

    Check academic results 

Mobile View

Time Tables and Scheduling

RIO Education utilises another one of our products – RIO Plan for session booking management. This module allows  admins to manage course study timetables in a robust automated calendar view.

Internal - Session Planner

Compliance Reporting Engine

A robust configurable reporting engine is implemented in RIO Education with pre-configured reports for:


Need others? No problem its configuration not code to set them up. International? Glad you asked, yes we can help with your reporting no matter where in the world you are.


Harness your data with Analytics

Get ahead of your competitors through advanced analytics.

Check out what the future could look like with RIO Education and Salesforce Analytics in the short video below.


Analytics Mobile

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