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Got Salesforce? Talk to us about maximizing your ROI. 

  • Leverage the world's leading CRM, Salesforce.
  • Seamless integration to sales and marketing.
  • Mobile Ready for staff and students.
  • Connect to hundreds of systems with RIO Education connectors.
  • Monitor data continuously, eliminating the need for panic time in reporting windows.
  • Be compliance ready with an out of the box reporting engine.
  • One platform, a global skills base for you to tap into, online training, recognized certifications.
  • What Our Customers Say

    All Around Outstanding

    "We just finished phase one of our implementation of RIO Education. The WDCI team is a dream to work with and were able to get us up and running with an admissions portal in less than three weeks. They are organized, efficient and very patient! As a small specialized school with a focus on fine art, we have specific requirements for the application process. The team was able to configure a customized solution that fits our needs perfectly! We look forward to the next phases and becoming a fully connected campus!

    RIO is an amazing and essential tool for any school looking for a student information management system that carries students through the full life cycle of your institution. We highly recommend it. Thank you Deborah, Walter and Lean!!!"

    RIO Onboarding & Implementation

    We're about to go live (Oct 2020) and I've had an exceptional experience working with WDCI. The team has gone above and beyond to accommodate all of our requirements, and there has been no delays. I would thoroughly recommend RIO Education.

    Excellent Student Information System and amazing support

    "RIO Education has been a dream to work with. It is highly configurable and flexible to work across our various educational program models. The team at WDCI were able to help us implement our first deployment in a matter of weeks, and it ran flawlessly. The team here love using it!

    It has also been a pleasure to work with the support and development team to help tailor the student management system to our needs. They have taken the time to understand our business processes and requirements and have been rapid and precise with their solutions and deployments.

    I strongly recommend this product to companies of all sizes."

    Highly flexible and configurable Student Management System

    "Our initial requirement was to implement a new highly-flexible Student Management System to be up and running in a few weeks, not months. The RIO Education platform enabled us to achieve the level of configurability we needed and the WDCi team were able to implement RIO Education on-time and on-budget, whilst meeting all of the complex compliance requirements of our newly awarded Education program.

    Further to this, WDCi Management were happy to work with us on building and incorporating new features into the product, which has produced some great results for our staff.

    We look forward to onboarding more of our education programs onto RIO Education to fully leverage our customer data in Salesforce."

    Excellent Customer Support

    "The RIO Education system works great for us! The integration with salesforce gives you so much functonality that our previous systems did not.
    Plus, the few times we've needed to reach out, the support team has been really helpful and prompt for peace of mind."

    Brilliant student management system

    "Rio Education have put together a flexible system that captured all of our data needs. The development team have been delightful to work with. They were able to understand all of our needs around collecting and reporting student data, and create a solution that was easy for our whole team to use."

    Fantastic - even outside of app scope!

    "The organisation that I worked for was able to use Luana (RIO Education first release) to streamline our reporting. As we were brand new to Salesforce, Varant from Luana was able to guide the team and me to use the system to its full potential and clean up our AVETMISS data.
    Not only did Luana help with implementing our data, but helped also in cleaning it up and preparing our new Salesforce org for cleaner automated metadata outside the scope of Luana.
    Thank you to Varant and your team for helping with our implementation and pushing hard for our success with Salesforce!"

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    Benefits of RIO EDUCATION


    Student Portal

    Built on a Salesforce Community, students have real-time access to notifications, applications, enrollments, courses, subject scheduling and results, in a responsive mobile view.


    Program Administration

    Create, schedule and manage your courses, sessions and teaching rosters.


    Faculty/Teacher/Trainer Allocation

    Schedule faculty members and resources for the right courses and sessions.


    Student 360-Degree View

    View all interactions with each student, including first enquiry, credentials, enrollments, session registrations, results, case history and beyond graduation.


    Faculty/Teacher/Trainer Portal

    Give your lecturers and trainers a single, mobile-enabled portal to manage their daily tasks through our responsive Portal built on a Salesforce Community.


    Completions Engine

    Configure your completion rules, automatically flag students who have completed all requirements for certificates or qualifications.


    Analytics & Compliance Reporting

    Analyse and predict with the use of advanced AI. Government compliance reporting out of the box.


    The world's #1 CRM Platform

    Built on the Salesforce EDA (Education Data Architecture) enabling you to tap into the 5000+ of add-on AppExchange applications.

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