RIO Education - Student Management

RIO Education is a 100% native Salesforce Student Management solution - it's features include:

  • Mobile enabled Student Portal - Students have real-time access to notifications, applications, enrolments, course, subject scheduling and results.
  • Student 360-degree view - View all interactions with each student, including first enquiry, credentials, enrolments, session registrations, results, case history and beyond graduation.
  • Course Administration - Create, schedule and manage intake dates for your courses.
  • Subject Administration - Create and control subjects offered in your courses.
  • Session Administration - Schedule face to face sessions and workshops.
  • Trainer Allocation - Schedule trainers and resources for the right courses and sessions.
  • Attendance Administration - Manage attendance in sessions and workshops.
  • Completions Engine - Configure your completion rules, automatically flag students who have completed all requirements for certificates or qualifications.


Salesforce Administration Platform

This is the administrative backbone to host and maintain important data. This includes the features such as programs and courses, student information and various enrolment related transactions (ie: Bookings, attendance, results etc).


Student Community

This is RIO Education’s student self-service portal, where students can view and manage their study journey.

It mainly uses for the following purposes:

  • Program Application
  • Course Enrolment
  • Time Table Viewing
  • Study Journey tracking
  • Result Viewing

These are some out of the box features. The ability to customise Branding and features is available to further suit institution business needs.


Faculty Community

This is the self-service portal for academic staff such as lecturers. Its main purpose is to serve as attendance marking and viewing timetables.


As well as utilising all the native Salesfore features, RIO Education can provide valuable data and analytics through the use of the Salesforce Einstein Analytics solution: