Recommending a Pathway for Students in your Salesforce Student Information System

Delivering the best student experience is the goal for education providers.

One way to enhance the experience is to ensure students complete their studies in the shortest possible pathWe achieve this by avoiding any scenario where a student misses out on a pre-requisite Course in the first term – which will prevent them from participating in the advance Course for the next term. The student now has to wait for another course offering, delaying their completion path. Not an ideal situation.
With the RIO Education’s Student Community features, Students get visibility into their pathways.  The pathways guide the student on what Courses to enroll based on different terms. Unless there are any unforeseen circumstances (the need to withdraw from a Course or failed a Course), students will be able to obtain their qualifications in the most efficient time.

Here’s how it looks in RIO Education.


Pathway on Terms

Terms available with a different list of suggested Courses in each term.




A term with a list of suggested Courses.


Course Checking

In the example below, the student missed one of the pre-requisite Courses from a previous term. This has prevented this student from enrolling into an advanced Course.




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