MYOB Integration Tips

The first problem that we had while integrating MYOB with another system was importing multiple Cards with the same name into MYOB as different Cards.


In the standard MYOB interface, it allows you to create two new Cards with the same name. However, this is restricted when the cards are created via the ODBC import function. For example:

insert into import_customer_cards (CoLastName, FirstName, InvoiceDelivery)
values ((‘Andy’, ‘Cole’, ‘B’), (‘Andy’, ‘Cole’, ‘P’))


This import statement will only create one Card “Andy, Cole”. The reason being is that MYOB will create a new card “Andy, Cole” using the first “value” and update the same card again using the second “value”. This is not ideal if we happen to have two customers that have the same name.


To fix this issue, we needed to add the “CardId” field to the import statement as an unique identifier for the cards. For example:

insert into import_customer_cards (CoLastName, FirstName, InvoiceDelivery, CardId)
values ((‘Andy’, ‘Cole’, ‘B’, ”), (‘Andy’, ‘Cole’, ‘P’, ‘0001’))

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