Meet The Team – Sylvia

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Introducing Sylvia! Sylvia grew up in a small town with her parents and older sister. Her favourite memories from her childhood include swimming during long hot days and running around town with her dogs. Sylvia attended and graduated from her local University in 2013 and join the WDCi as a Salesforce Consultant. She has been able to expand her Salesforce knowledge through opportunities from joining multiple projects with senior project leads.


Sylvia enjoys being part of the team at WDCi because they people are always helpful and they feel more like friends than co-workers. She likes that fact that WDCi will never limit the opportunity to grow and learn different skill sets. Sylvia also enjoys the ability that she can give back to the community around Christmas time with the morals she shares with WDCi which is: Always think out of the box and Charity has no boundaries.


Favourite quote?

Share whatever you have, help whenever you can.

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