Level 2: Data Validation on Metadata Engine in Salesforce SIS

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If you haven’t already, check out our previous blogs – The Introduction and level 1 method of reducing data issue for compliance reporting.
Let’s take a look at the level 2 method using the metadata engine. The engine comes as a standard in RIO Education’s reporting package.
It has the capabilities too:
  • Define the starting position of each column in the report
  • Convert values into a format that is required in compliance reporting specifications
  • Map custom fields into the report
  • Handle different versions of compliance reporting e.g. AVETMISS 7 to AVETMISS 8

Starting Position

Define the starting positions of each element in which will be generated as columns. This ensures that the output adheres to the reporting specification on the column positioning. For example, the “Indigenous status identifier” column starts at position 86 in the NAT00080 (AVETMISS 8.0). 


Value and Format Conversion

Some of the data stored in Salesforce will be converted from their original values to values that are required in the compliance reporting. For example, “Issued Flag” is a checkbox in RIO Education. When checked (TRUE), this value will be converted to “Y” during output which is part of the NAT00130 (AVETMISS 8.0) specifications.


Apart from that, some of the data will also be formatted. For example, the Birthdate value of 1983-03-16 in Salesforce is converted to 16031983 as required in the specifications.


This is handy if you have your own custom fields to track your data in – metadata can be used to convert them.


Mapping Custom Fields

This enables you to map any custom fields for reporting. You’ve decided to use your own custom fields to track certain data instead of using standard fields provided by RIO Education, you can utilise this to map and ensure data is extracted from your custom fields instead.


Handling Different Reporting Versions

This enables you to have a different set of configurations for:

  • Different reporting versions e.g. AVETMISS 7.0 and AVETMISS 8.0
  • Different types e.g. VET Student Loan, PIR, AVETMISS and etc.


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