Tips: Iterating a map in Visualforce page

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The common solution to display a list of values or SObject’s field value in Visualforce page is looping through a List. For example:


Controller method

List keyList = new List{'value for first','value for second','value for third'};

public List getKeyList(){
    return keyList;


Visualforce page



However, sometimes we may need to construct our data into a map instead and have it displayed in Visualforce page. Here is how you can loop through a map and it’s value:


Controller method

public Map getDemoMap(){

    Map demoMap = new Map();
    demoMap.put('first', 'value for first');
    demoMap.put('second', 'value for second');
    demoMap.put('third', 'value for third');
    demoMap.put('forth', 'value for forth');

    return demoMap;


Visualforce page


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