Enhancing Salesforce To Drive Company Success

Following on the heels of our highly successful product, RIO Readymade Inventory, we are pleased to announce our new Salesforce application, RIO DriveSuccess


Research has shown that companies with high performing recognition programs are 12 x more likely to have strong business outcomes.


Why RIO DriveSuccess ?

It’s a Salesforce application to facilitate measuring and acknowledging your achievers.

Take advantage of the global phenomenon of social media inside your business.


Have fun earning your success

Add fun to serious business outcomes, regardless of position or location.

Target results in the areas of productivity, loyalty, customer engagement, challenges, formal certification, practical skill development, project completion, team building or revenue.

Gamification applications such as RIO DriveSuccess engage people in an original way, fulfilling a critical desire within human beings ie the desire for recognition and rewards in exchange for their hard work and achievements.


How does it work?

  1. Install the package
  2. Define your business goals
  3. Measure progress against the goals
  4. Reward achievement through badges


Create healthy competition

Use Challenges to motivate and drive the team.

Challenges are:

  • A goal or set of goals you define
  • Are easily set up for individuals or a team
  • Team members can be involved in as many challenges as you want


Share success through Chatter

Celebrate as Chatter notifies users when they receive an endorsement.


Hall of Fame

Use the Hall of Fame to motivate and recognise success.


Build on Salesforce features

Utilise Salesforce workflows to automatically trigger endorsements.

Motivate your Partner Community as well as Salesforce platform users.

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