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How to Rename RIO Inventory Custom Fields


Because RIO Inventory is a Managed Package, you can’t just edit the field labels like normal fields, but you can still rename the field labels if you follow these steps.


1. Go to Setup > Translation Workbench > Override




2. Select the following fields in the filter criteria:

1. Package: RIO ReadyMade Inventory

2. Setup Component: Custom Field

3. Object: The Object with the field label you want to change. In this case, we chose the Warehouse Inventory Object.

4. Aspect: Field Label




3. Find the field you want to rename. Double click on the Field Label Override column next to the field.

– Type in the new label name you want.

– Click Save at the top.




After completing these steps, that field will now use your custom label in the Salesforce Page Layouts.




Note: This only shows on the page layouts. The custom Visualforce Pages will still use our standard terminology. 

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