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Page Layouts


RIO Functions has related fields that have been added into the instance already. However, these related fields need to be manually added into your Salesforce Instance Layout.


User Page Layout 

Firstly, ensure users have added the RIO Plan Admin field to their page layout.

  •  Go to Setup >Select Object Manager > Select User > User Page Layouts > User Layout 
  • Drag and Drop RIO Plan Admin into page layout (Shown Below)

ul 1


Resource Layout 

  • Go to Setup > Select Object Manager > Resource > Page Layouts > Select Resource Layout
  • In Fields, find Setup Time and Cleanup time and drag into the layout under the Information Header.

rl 1


Lead Layout 

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager > Lead > Page Layouts > Select Lead Layout
  • In fields, create a new section called “Function Details” and drag and drop the below event fields into the new section:
    Function Name – This is the name given to the function
    Function Field – This will be the name of the event i.e Ann Team Building
    Function Start Date/Time – The suggested event start date and time
    Function End Date/Time – The suggested event end date and time
    Function Type – The type of event. Note: There are already some default types available that can be modified to fit into your use case (a similar field in opportunity will need to be changed as well)
    Number of Persons – Estimated event participants


Opportunity Layout 

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager > Opportunity > Page Layouts > Select Opportunity Layout
  • In fields create a new section “Function Details” and move fields into this section. Below is the suggested layout and fields required for Opportunity Layout:
    Linked Function
    Date for Function Start Date
    Function Start Date Time
    Day of Function Start Date
    Number of Persons 

    Function Name 

    Function Type
    Function Status
    Function Intended Name
    Function Intended Start Date/Time 

    Function Intended End Date/Time 

ol 1


Opportunity Product 

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager > Opportunity Product > Page Layouts > Select Opportunity Product Layout
  • In Fields, find Manifest Line Description and Function and drag into the layout under Fields.



Products Layout 

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager > Product > Page Layouts > Select Product Layout
  • In Fields, find Function Manifest Description and drag into the layout under Description Information.

pl 1

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