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Conga Setup


Below is the outlined steps for preparing a Conga Template  to be used with RIO Plan Functions manifest


Step 1: Upload the Conga Template

  • Go to the object name: Conga Template 
  • Create a Conga Template Record
  • Attach the Conga Template (which is already built)

<Conga template screenshot in lightning> 


Step 2: Copy IDs

You will need the following Ids for the next step:

  • ID of the Conga template record
  • ID of the report named “Conga – Manifest – Opp w Function”
  • ID of the report named “Conga – Manifest – Opp w OLI”


Step 3: Update Conga Button

  • Open the RIO Functions App
  • Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Function > Button, Links and Actions
  • Edit the Generate Manifest button
  • Replace the &TemplateId and &ReportId with the below ID’s

CT 1

Replace (Red) &TemplateId=  from <conga_template_id> to Conga Template Record ID 

Replace (Yellow) &ReportId= from <Conga – Manifedt – Opportunity w OLI ID> to <Conga – Manifest – Opp w Function report id>? pv0={!Opportunity.Id}, <Conga – Manifest – Opp w OLI report id>?pv0={!Opportunity.Id}


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