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To install RIO Functions into your Salesforce Instance, you’ll first need to create a Venues tab by doing the following:


1. Upgrading the RIO Functions App to Lightning.

  • Navigate to Setup > App Manager. 
  • Scroll down to RIO Functions Management 
  • Select the arrow and select Upgrade.
  • In App Manager, select RIO Functions Management Lightning and select Edit 
  • In the side menu, Select Items and swap Planner Classic with Planner and Save.


2. Create a List View for Resources where the Resource Type is named ‘Venue’ 

  • In the RIO Functions Managment Lightning App, select the Resources tab
  • Press the cog, select New and create the New List View e.g.
    List Name = Venue
    List API Name = Venue
    Who sees this list view? = All users can see this list view
    Filter by Owner = All resources
  • Add the filter Resource Type equals Venue and Save.


3. Pin the Venue list view as a new tab

  • Select Resources arrow, and select + Open “Venue | Resources” in New Tab
  • Select Venue arrow, and select  Add “Venue | Resources” in New Tab
  • To make adjustments, select the pencil to rearrange, add, remove and rename tabs.


4. Edit and add Booking Status picklist fields

  • Navigate to SetupObject Manager Bookings > Field & Relationship Booking Status 
  • In Booking Status under Values add Double Booked, Setup and Cleanup. 


6. Link the Function Field in RIO Plan Configuration

  • Navigate to RIO Plan > RIO Plan Configuration
  • Select Lookup Field and under Booking Lookup Field select Function


7. Optional: Conga Setup can be found here


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