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Assign Permissions


There are four types of user permissions that will need to be added to RIO Function Users including:

  • RIO Plan Full Permission Set: This is for the plan Admin. This grants admins access to create Plans, setup Resources and Resource types.
  • RIO Plan Basic Permission Set: This is for basic users. These users will only be able to see Allocations and Public Allocations assigned to them.
  • Function Manifest Perm Set: This is for users who will be dealing with Opportunities/Functions.
  • Pre/Post Booking Perm Set: This is for users who will be setting up functions using the planner.


As a Salesforce Administrator, navigate to Setup > Quick search Permission Sets 


Here you will be required to add users one by one to the above four permission sets.


Note that it doesn’t matter which order you add the permission sets.


PS 1


Select the relevant Permission Set and click the Manage Assignments button.

ps 2


Click the Add Assignments button and then select all the users that require this Permission Set.

ps 3

Note: Those who configure RIO Functions as the System Administrator or Users that have already Customized Application permissions, can skip this step.


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