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Preliminary Sync Jobs

Initial setup: If this is your first time, each new sync job will appear after completing the previous one.

There are 2 Preliminary Sync Jobs to perform before you can start syncing Opportunities to Saasu:

  • Sync Tax Codes – This brings the available tax codes from Saasu over to Salesforce. These are used to find the tax inclusive price when creating Invoices in Saasu.
    • These are stored as a new custom object Tax Code in Salesforce.
  • Sync Items – This looks for all Items in Saasu where the Item Code matches a Product Code in Salesforce.
    • The first time you Sync Items it will find all Saasu Items. Any subsequent runs will only look for items that have been updated since the last sync job.
    • You can choose to do another sync with all Saasu Items by marking the Full Items Sync checkbox.
    • Item sync will do the following:
      • Product.External ID = Saasu’s Item ID
      • Product.Tax Code = Saasu’s Item default Sales Tax Code
      • Product.Price Includes Tax = Saasu’s Item Price includes tax

For more information on Sync Items, click here.

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