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To install RIO Finance and connect to Saasu, you will need to complete some initial setup steps:

  1. Saasu Setup
  2. Salesforce Setup

Saasu Setup

Saasu Requirements:

  • Medium license or above – This is because RIO Finance requires Items in Saasu

It’s recommended you use a Salesforce Sandbox and a Saasu Sandbox for evaluation purposes before using your production file.

  1. Evaluating the solution:
    • Decide if you are going to use a Saasu Sandbox file or your production Saasu file
    • In Saasu, go to Your Files > Change File
    • Select the file you are going to use
  2. Prepare your Saasu File:
    • In Saasu, go to Your Files > Settings > API/Web Services
    • Ensure that API Access is Enabled
    • Take note of your File Id – You will need this during Salesforce setup

Note: Once you select your File Id in Salesforce, you will not be able to change it. If you have made a mistake or need to change it for any reason, please contact us at


Salesforce Setup

For your Salesforce instance you need to:

  1. Install the Package
  2. Modify the following page layouts:
    • In your Salesforce instance, go to Setup | Object Manager | <object> | Page Layouts | <object> Layout
    • You can either use our preset RIO Finance page layouts, or edit your own.
    • If you’re editing your own, add the following Fields and Buttons:
      • Contact
        • Fields
          • External ID
          • Sync Error
          • Contact URL
        • Buttons
          • Sync Contact
      • Opportunity
        • Fields
          • Accounting Service
          • Transaction Type
          • Is Tax Inclusive
          • Bill To Contact
          • Bill To Account
          • Purchase Order Number
          • Invoice Number
          • Total Amount Paid
          • Paid Status
          • Auto Sync Invoice
          • Email Invoice To Contact
          • External ID
          • Sync Error
          • Invoice URL
        • Buttons
          • Sync Opportunity
          • Sync Payment
      • Product
        • Fields
          • Tax Code
          • External ID
          • Price Includes Tax
      • Opportunity Product
        • Fields
          • Tax Code
    • We suggest creating a section called “RIO Finance Information” and adding all the custom fields to that section.
  1. Move on to the Connection Setup

Important: The sync will not work properly until these page layouts have been setup.

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