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Does this Tool Sync Items/Products?

No, the only data that is synchronised is:

  • (For Saasu)¬†Salesforce Contacts -> Saasu Contacts
  • (For Xero) Salesforce Account/Contacts -> Xero Contacts
  • Salesforce Opportunities -> Invoices
  • Invoice -> Salesforce Opportunity – updates Invoice number only to originating Opportunity
  • Payments -> Salesforce Payments


As of version 2.0, RIO Finance has a Sync Items button in the RIO Finance Configuration tab. What this does is creates a link between existing Items and existing Salesforce Products based on the Item and Product codes. This then allows us to successfully sync Invoices to the connected service.


This does NOT create any new products or items. Pricing will not be synced too.


Only the following fields in Salesforce will get populated when the matching product is found:

  • External ID
  • Tax Code
  • (For Xero)¬†Account Code
  • Price Includes Tax

Below explains how will the Items Sync work in different scenarios.


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