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What’s New in RIO Education Version 2.9

  • Waitlist for Course and Session enrollment
  • Student Scheduling Wizard
  • Funding Module


  • Miscellaneous component enhancements
  • Access of user fields by guest user
  • Updated look and feel of default my Programs
  • Introduced Program Offering on Program Application and Program Enrollment
  • Session Scheduler – Logic to consider faculty booked sessions
  • Available Places returns 0 instead of negative values
  • Session Scheduler – Able to prefilter record based on URL parameters
  • Session Scheduler – Added none option to optional picklist
  • Added pre-enrollment open date to Term
  • Made Number of Sessions optional
  • Updated UTIL, OBJ, FLOW and BATCH class to use “inherited sharing”

Bug Fixes

  • Appointment Scheduler Booking to Consultant’s Calendar – Access Error on save
  • Handle null Create/Update Settings for Session Time
  • Session Scheduler – Apex Timeout Issue for sessionListEdit
  • Handle Faculty leave in session scheduler
  • Plan Req description now shows in the pathway view
  • Session List Edit – Session booking status no longer always resets to blank
  • Miscellaneous spelling issues in SessionsSelectComponent
  • Faculty Creation Wizard – no longer creates duplicate Attendance records
  • myMajor select button no longer shows as “unselected” in other languages
  • Lightning web components now load on first attempt
  • Enrollment Wizard error – Courses 1119 Attempt to de-reference a null object
  • Displaying future times in different timezones consistently
  • PE Pathway are no longer duplicated when Program Enrollments are created in Bulk
  • Sessions now show immediately in enrollment wizard after enrolling to a course



  • Disabled Loan Fee mapping in TDTM
  • Changes to “Help_Debt_Amount__c” field in Course Connection and Fee Line




  • Enrollment Wizard – Handle courses with no course offerings
  • Student Scheduler – Show Session Time info flag now respected on session table header
  • Session Scheduler – Get calenderEvent REST call error when there are too many resources



  • Auto-enrollment now considers term label in program pathway
  • Student Scheduler – Allow Admin to over-allocate students to sessions
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