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Program, Fee and Course


“A Program offers accreditation to students upon completing the necessary study journey. A course is a short-term unit of teaching within an accredited program”



Programs and Courses are the master templates for accredited programs offered by the education institution. Once defined, these can then be used as templates for setting up courses available on offer for student enrollment.

Creating ProgramCreating FeeCreating Course
Creating Program

RIO University offers various offerings in multiple disciplines. One of them is Master of Leadership which requires setup as a Program. 

Programs are being created as an Accredited Program account. To set up, follow the below steps:


1. Go to the Account tab in the RIO Education app

2. Click New

3. Select the Record Type as Academic Program and click Next

4. Enter Account Name, ie: Master of Leadership

5. Enter any other required information if necessary, such as:

  • Program Code
  • CRICOS Code
  • Standard Duration of Study, ie: 4 years

6. Click Save

Once we have created the program, the next step is setting up the relevant program admission fee.

Program Fee

Fee indicates the tuition fee which requires payment in order to enrol into this program

Follow the instruction below to create a new Fee

Steps - Creating New Fee

1. Go to Fees tab and click on the New button

2. Enter all relevant details, select “Tuition” for Fee Type and “Program” for Fee Unit

3. Save the record

Creating Courses

Creating Courses will discuss how to define the relevant courses in the program.

For example, the below are standard courses which Students can enrol in for the Master of Leadership Program:

  • LEA401 – Introduction to Leadership
  • BUSI7280 – Managing in a Global Context
  • MGMT8022 – Strategic Management

The first step is to create the above as individual courses.


1. Go to the Course tab in the RIO Education app, then click New

2. Insert the Course Name “Introduction to Leadership”

3. Link the course with a Department, ie: Department of Business and Leadership

4. Enter any other relevant information, such as Course ID (ie: LEA401) and Credit Hour (ie: 6)

5. Click Save

Repeat these steps to create all remaining courses. Once finalised, refer to the Program Bundle section to bundle them into Master of Leadership Program.

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