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About RIO Education


Please note that we are using the spelling of “Enrollment” in accordance with the Salesforce Heda Model.


RIO Education is a Student Information system built within the Salesforce platform. It is specially designed for Australia’s Higher Education community to track student information. RIO Education features include programs and courses, application and enrollment, timetables, grades, attendance records and more.


Overall, RIO Education consists of the following components:

  • RIO Program Administration Platform
  • RIO Student Administration Platform
  • Student Community
  • Faculty Community
  • Time Table Administration
  • Compliance Reporting Engine

Program Administration Platform

This is the administrative backbone to host and maintain important data. This includes the features such as programs and courses, student information and various enrollment related transactions (ie: Bookings, attendance, results etc)

Student Administration Platform

This app is to manage student program application and individual course enrollment. It will also keep track of the study outcome, case requests and able to produce relevant reports.

Student Community

This is RIO Education’s student self-service portal, where students can view and manage their study journey.

It mainly uses for the following purposes:

  • Program Application
  • Course Enrollment
  • Time Table Viewing
  • Study Journey tracking
  • Result Viewing

These are some out of the box features. The ability to customise Branding and features is available to further suit institution business needs.

Faculty Community

This is the self-service portal for academic staff such as lecturers. Its main purpose is to serve as attendance marking and viewing timetables.


Timetables and Scheduling Module

RIO Education utilises another one of our products – RIO Plan for session booking management. This module allows students and admins to manage course study timetables in a robust automated calendar view.


Compliance Report Engine

A robust reporting engine is implemented in RIO Education. Currently the system compliance with the following Australian education reporting format


The reporting engine is being designed in a robust and expandable framework. It will be able to support complex reporting requirements with minimal customisation.


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