CA ANZ consolidates data using Luana to achieve 360 degree view

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) are a professional membership body that supports business and accounting professionals around the world. They represent over 110,000 members and about 400,000 students around the world. As a membership body they shape the future for the accounting profession by focusing on four important areas: Education, Being Member Focused, Leadership & Advocacy and Personal Growth. The company employs over 500 people with skills in accountancy, ICT, marketing, event management, education, customer service and more. There are offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.


The biggest challenge experienced was there were three non-integrated systems all externally developed and heavily customised which managed student and member data. This also caused disjointed and undefined business processes as well as a lot of manual processes completed outside of any of the systems.

Some of the challenges faced were the following:

  • Reporting is time-consuming – slowing down decision making
  • No single touch point for Students to manage their membership
  • Student support cases handled in separate system
  • Workshop scheduling manual and prone to human error
  • Double handling of data between student and financial systems
  • TEQSA reporting highly labour intensive.
  • Registering of students by employers not user-friendly – requiring the user to via multiple touch points.



CA ANZ’S aim was to consolidate all the disparate data silos and provide their members, students, and employers a single community interface to view and manage their membership and education journey. They also wanted to leverage the Salesforce and Luana platform to reduce administrative processes and double handling of a members and/or students data.

Luana and its implementation partner WDCI were able to achieve some incredible outcomes using a combination of out of the box features in Salesforce/Luana, as well as some specific customisations leveraging the Salesforce platform and 3rd party AppExchange apps.



  • Real-time metrics on operational and student-related data was made possible. (previously not available)
  • Reduced administrative efforts by 70%
  • Reduced an employer’s workload by 90% to manage the next trimester’s employee enrolments.
  • Took results processing from 4 weeks to a staggering 1 day
  • Legislative reporting (TEQSA PIR) is generated via Luana SIS in minutes: eliminating months of manual preparation.



“Results processing within Salesforce and Luana worked perfectly the first time we used it. A process that normally takes 4 painstaking weeks was done in a day. Salesforce and Luana have helped our teams significantly reduce and automate repetitive administrative processes to focus on providing a great service to our members” Janine Coyle – Manager, Education – Admission Programs Delivery


“Luana & WDCI were able to very quickly understand the CA ANZ landscape, and deploy a solution on Salesforce that met and exceeded our transformational goals. Our teams have real-time visibility and a complete view of our members and students. Salesforce and Luana have provided CA ANZ a platform further grow and scale with the business needs. The future looks exciting!”  Leo Morta – CIO

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