Boomi: Updating Netsuite Connector

Boomi have released new Netsuite connector


Here are some guidelines when you are upgrading the legacy connector to the new Netsuite connector:
  1.  A new Connection needs to be created. The connection will support the latest Netsuite version (from Version 2010.1).
  2. A new Operation needs to be created. The profile schema will be changed.
  3. Once the Operation is changed, you may need to re-select the Filters (if any) and re-enter the Parameters in the connector.
  4. The mapping in the Map will be lost due to the new naming of some of the fields.
    Tips: Before selecting the new Netsuite profile, you can first export the mapping out which will help you to re-map the fields for the new profile later.
  5. There are also some components which will be affected by the new connector change if:
    – Map function
    – Properties
    – Decision
    – Notify/Exception
    – Data Process
    – Find Changes
    – Cache Function
     Business Rules


Be sure that you plan well before upgrading to the new Netsuite connector to avoid any unexpected errors.

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