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WDCi achieves MSC status

By Deborah | Dec 11, 2008

It’s official, as of December 4th, WDCi is a Malaysia MSC status company.   We look forward to continuing our growth in Malaysia and appreciate the support and assistance of the MDeC team.  Special thanks to Matthew Barsing and Kamelinder Singh for all of their support and assistance throughout the process.   It’s great to…

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WDCi partners with Boomi

By Walter | Dec 1, 2008

After months of product evaluation and shortlisting WDCi have become the Boomi Partner for the Asia Pacific region.  Boomi is the leader in on-demand integration, with a true multi-tenant solution.  We plan to use the Boomi technology to implement our Rapid Integration Offering, or RIO as we like to call it.  With RIO we can integrate…

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Welcome aboard CC!

By Deborah | Nov 11, 2008

Great news as we welcome aboard our newest member of the team- CC Lim.   I’m so happy that CC has decided to join us on our SaaS integration journey, he’s going to be a great addition to the team.   Check out his bio, CC brings to WDCi a load of technical, operational and…

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New website published, RIO launched

By Deborah | Nov 2, 2008

Thanks to everyone who helped with the new website, it really makes the old one look shabby 🙂   Kumar did a fantastic job with the graphic design, check out his other work, he’s amazing.   I think he’s done an excellent job of graphically presenting integration.   We also took the opportunity to launch our…

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WDCi Sdn Bhd official, US office opened…

By Deborah | Nov 2, 2008

Our Malaysian entity was launched October 23rd and we have setup our office in the US.   We are in the process of hiring for Malaysia, so check out our careers section and let us know if you are interested.   We really felt it was necessary to have a presence on the ground in…

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US here we come…..

By Deborah | Oct 10, 2008

As part of our strategy to provide the best integration solutions to the market, we have been working on some US partnerships and establishing a US presence. The product search has been really interesting and Wal will have some good information to share on our upcoming website https://wedointegration.net.

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Emerging Integration Technology

By Walter | Oct 1, 2008

I’ve spent the past few weeks testing some really interesting integration technologies.  One of our key areas of focus will be SaaS integration solutions and I wanted to take a look at the latest on offer.   It’s amazing how much these tools have evolved over the past year as well as a number of…

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wdcigroup.net is launched

By Deborah | Sep 10, 2008

After much teeth gnashing and back and forth, we’ve managed to publish the website.   We’ve tried to avoid the typical IT corporate look, so hopefully we’ve achieved that at least.   Now we are busy researching the latest in Integration offerings, so stay tuned for more WE DO’s as Wal publishes his findings and…

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WDCi Group is real

By Deborah | Jul 24, 2008

Finally, after months of discussion with Wal, we have completed the business registration of our Australian entity.   After wrapping up the official paperwork we headed into the city to meet our first team member, we don’t plan on wasting any time getting the best people onboard.   It’s great to be back working together,…

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