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Using Salesforce & MYOB, need to sync Items to Products?

By Deborah | Feb 18, 2010

In our attempt to rival Universal Studios, we’ve been at it again, creating videos of some of our ReadyMade integration solutions.  Check out our latest video on how easy it is to integrate Salesforce & MYOB.   Want to know more about how to get Salesforce & MYOB talking? contact us or check out our…

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Forget LDAP, do you want to use Salesforce as your identity store for your SaaS SSO?

By Deborah | Feb 11, 2010

You can.   Ping Identity allows you to universally login to your SaaS applications, using Salesforce as your user identity store.   No need to install, configure, manage, maintain and backup a local Active Directory or LDAP user store if you don’t want to, just have Salesforce manage the user identities.   What does this…

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Want to do salesforce.com single sign on?

By Walter | Feb 11, 2010

Single Sign on (SSO) for salesforce.com can take various forms.   The Winter 10 version supports SAML2 for salesforce.com and the Salesforce partner & customer portals. It does not support SAML2 for Salesforce Sites yet. (Scheduled for a coming release).   When setting up SSO here are some issues you should consider: What is your…

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Xero Integration, coming soon…

By Terry | Feb 10, 2010

While Xero pushes into the Australia market, we’re studying the possibility to integrate Xero and any other SaaS/On-premise applications.   Q: How will we do it? A: We use a technology called Boomi to integrate Xero with all your other applications.   Q: What applications have we integrated before? A: Too many to mention here,…

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Enviren goes live with Salesforce – Saasu integration

By Deborah | Jan 27, 2010

Enviren implements the WDCi ReadyMade Salesforce-Saasu integration solution, built on the Boomi platform. For more details check out the case study.

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Integrate Jira with Support System

By Terry | Jan 26, 2010

If you are using Jira as an issue/defect management system and you have a separate support system, you may have all the dilemmas like the others: You need to purchase additional user license for each developer to access to your support system You need to purchase a new user license for each support engineer to…

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ASE IT Networks implements Active Directory – Netsuite Integration

By Deborah | Jan 25, 2010

ASE rolls out data synchronisation of user data between Netsuite and Active Directory using the Boomi platform.   This required WDCi to build an Active Directory/LDAP Connector, then implement the integration using the existing Boomi Netsuite Connector.  For more details, check out the case study.

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Got Salesforce and Quickbooks? check out our integration demo.

By Deborah | Jan 22, 2010

Pity the Golden Globes are finished, cos this one would surely have been in the running for the best Salesforce – Quickbooks integration video.   Check it out and see how easy it is to synchronise your data between Salesforce and Quickbooks.  

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JIRA Integration Connector updated to support JIRA 4.0

By Deborah | Jan 20, 2010

We have updated our JIRA Boomi Integration Connector to support JIRA 4.0.  The updated Connector now provides you with the ability to search for JIRA issues, utilising the powerful JQL.   Want to know more?  Contact us for some more details or a demo, we’re confident we can connect JIRA to your application.   Got…

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Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA integration trilogy

By Mei Yan | Jan 20, 2010

We have set up a video demo for your benefit to capture the importance of having RIO solution when you have all three applications – Salesforce, RightNow, JIRA, running in your system. The data within these applications will be synced in a way that the respective team in Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA does not have…

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