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TIM’s Tip: Estimating a Data Migration exercise

By TIM | May 21, 2010

Maybe you are thinking, what’s so hard, I just dump the data out of system 1 and insert it into system 2, maybe, maybe not. How long will it take to migrate your data from one or more systems to another system?   It really depends on a few factors: How easy is it to…

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Login to Salesforce using your LDAP or Active Directory credentials.

By Terry | May 11, 2010

Ever thought of how you can achieve the following: Login to Salesforce with your LDAP or Active Directory credentials? share the same login credentials with all your SaaS applications? have the flexibility to provision/de-provision users?   With Ping Identity, all this is possible. You can configure your LDAP or Active Directory as the identity store…

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Integrating Salesforce in real-time just got easier…

By Walter | Apr 9, 2010

Let’s say that you have a database internally that holds some of your key data. You have just implemented a CRM in Salesforce and you want to be able to reference (lookup) this data in real time. You have a couple of choices: 1) Copy all the data into Salesforce and keep the two systems…

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How long does it take to integrate Salesforce and Netsuite?

By TIM | Apr 7, 2010

Well, it depends… Ok, I realise that isn’t helpful, so here’s an example.   First some assumptions/caveats on Salesforce and Netsuite integration: Your implementations of Salesforce and Netsuite are in reasonable order, customization is ok, we’re just assuming that you haven’t used duplicate field names in Netsuite and if so, that you understand your data…

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Parature Integration Tip: Field Dependency

By TIM | Mar 30, 2010

Let me share with you about what I have learned in Parature Integration. Parature offers a great feature that allows you to define field dependency. You can control the visibility of the options based on the controlling custom field. For example, Operating System is the controlling custom field and Operating System Type is the depending…

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About to integrate existing systems, how’s the quality of your data?

By TIM | Mar 22, 2010

When we kickoff our integration projects we run through a checklist with the client. If they have been running the systems for a period of time, we always review the quality of the data, we call it a Data Quality Assessment (someone in marketing came up with that, not me, ok). Usually, the client asks:…

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TIM’s Tip: Integrate your Support System with your Issue Tracking System

By TIM | Mar 18, 2010

Integration between systems is not only bringing data over from one system to another. It is an art to get two very different systems working seamlessly as one. In addition to having your data synchronized in both systems, you can also get a lot of business value from it. Let’s take a Support System and…

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TIM’s Tip: CSV integration

By TIM | Mar 15, 2010

TIM here again – with another Tip, hope it’s helpful. Boss: TIM, I need you to integrate CSV to Salesforce. TIM: CSV integration? How hard can that be? I can do it in one day.   A day after… Boss: TIM, have you completed that CSV integration? TIM: Hmmm, Boss, I need more time to…

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TIMs Tip: Need to get data in & out of Salesforce?

By TIM | Mar 11, 2010

TIM here again with another tip – don’t tell the boss, he thinks I’m working. Need to sync or integrate Salesforce data with your other systems? Maybe you want to sync: Accounts/Contacts, Invoice/Sales Order data, payment information, Products and inventory.   So, what are your options? It depends on what type of  data sync or…

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SSO demo – Liferay Portal & Salesforce SSO with PingFederate

By Walter | Mar 9, 2010

Warm the set and cool the tinnies, it’s time to check out our latest video.   I know, our timing is bad.  The Oscars are over and here we are releasing a potential blockbuster – the day after.  Speculation in the office is rife that we felt the competition was too steep (and this ain’t…

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