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WDCi Is Looking For New Recruits!

By TIM | Dec 14, 2011

WDCi is currently looking for new members to be added to the team.   Who are them looking for? They are looking for Integration Developer.   For more details about the job application, please visit here.

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TIPS: Want to view your MYOB Accounting inventory on your iPhone?

By TIM | Dec 14, 2011

Contact us to take a look at our new app that’s currently in beta.  You’ll be able to view your inventory levels from your MYOB accounting system while on the road, using your mobile device, nifty right?    

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Business Catalyst Integration: eCommerce Data Model

By TIM | Nov 24, 2011

As we all have known, Business Catalyst is not only used for content management, it does provide other functionalities like eCommerce, reporting and etc.   The diagram below shows the first level eCommerce data model and the relationships between each object:     Business Catalyst can be integrated via SOAP web service, however, Company info…

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Bugzilla Web Service: Custom Field

By TIM | Nov 17, 2011

Bugzilla front-end allows the custom field to be created. So what if you want to get the custom field value over to another system? We make this possible by using the Bugzilla XML RPC web service as custom field value is retrievable.   For example, if we are integrating Bugzilla with Salesforce, we can create…

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SmartTurn Integration: Purchasing and Inventory Control

By TIM | Nov 9, 2011

Not long ago, we have talked how can integration helps in the SmartTurn Order Fulfillment process.  This time around, let’s us talk about another process that SmartTurn can handle, Purchasing and Inventory Control.   We can integrate SmartTurn with an ERP system, let us take an example of integrating SmartTurn and Netsuite:   1. User…

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Upskilled saves time by integrating Salesforce and MYOB

By TIM | Nov 4, 2011

Got MYOB, got Salesforce?  Check out this case study for details on how Upskilled uses a pre-built integration solution to get MYOB and Salesforce talking.

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Bugzilla Integration: Web Service

By TIM | Nov 3, 2011

Bugzilla is an Open Source Defect Tracking System to manage software development. We can integrate to Bugzilla through the web service or directly to the database.   For example, you can integrate Bugzilla with a support system. When a case is confirmed as a bug, then the bug will be automatically created in Bugzilla. You…

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Interested in integrating Salesforce and Bugzilla?

By TIM | Nov 2, 2011

Got Salesforce, got Bugzilla?  Life would be easier if they were connected right?  Checkout a quick video on integrating Salesforce and Bugzilla using the Dell Boomi platform.

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SmartTurn Integration: Order Fulfillment

By TIM | Oct 20, 2011

SmartTurn is a very good warehouse management system. It has features which cover from item purchasing to item shipping, within these processes, item inventory/warehouse status will be automatically updated.   So how can integration help? Let’s talk about one of the features that we can perform in SmartTurn, Order Fulfillment. Here is one scenario: 1.…

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JIRA Integration: Work Logs

By TIM | Oct 12, 2011

The time logged in a specific issue can be retrieved from JIRA by using the JIRA API (getWorklogs). The result returned will include the details of the time logged into an issue. For example:   <multiRef id=”id1″ soapenc:root=”0″ soapenv:encodingStyle=”https://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/” xsi:type=”ns3:RemoteWorklogImpl” xmlns:soapenc=”https://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/” xmlns:ns3=”https://service.soap.rpc.jira.atlassian.com”> <author xsi:type=”xsd:string”>hmkhong</author> <comment xsi:type=”xsd:string”/> <created xsi:type=”xsd:dateTime”>2011-10-12T06:22:18.663Z</created> <groupLevel xsi:type=”xsd:string” xsi:nil=”true”/> <id xsi:type=”xsd:string”>10002</id> <roleLevelId xsi:type=”xsd:string”…

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