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Forgot my password again? aarrghh

By Walter | Jul 31, 2009

SaaS is great isn’t it?  The only glitch is that sometimes it feels like you are back in the 90s when you had to login to every app you used, a problem which was long ago solved for on-premise applications (think LDAP and all those single sign-on technologies). Then along comes Ping Identity and Google,…

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Checkout the team @ Cloudforce

By Deborah | Jul 28, 2009

Here’s Terry, CC and Ms NoSoftware @ Cloudforce Singapore.  The event was a huge success, attended by more than 1000 people.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by our booth to say hello and talk to us about Salesforce Integration and Identity Management.

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Salesforce-MYOB ReadyMade 1.1 released

By Walter | Jul 7, 2009

The WDCi team is pleased to announce the release of our 1.1 ReadyMade SalesForce-MYOB product. This release provides a great level of flexibility within Salesforce to manage and control Payment Terms and Tax rates for  new accounts before you migrate them into MYOB.  In addition we have improved the logging capability for those times that…

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WDCi @ Cloudforce Singapore

By Deborah | Jul 7, 2009

If you are attending, stop by our booth and say hello. CC and Terry will be there to answer your questions on integration and identity. Haven’t registered yet?  be quick, the registration list is huge.

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Partnering with Ping Identity

By Deborah | Jun 10, 2009

In order to further our capabilities in the SaaS market, we partnered with Ping Identity some months back.  It just made sense to us, implementing Identity solutions requires strong integration skills, plus we could see a gap in our market for  SSO, security and provisioning for Salesforce and Google. Like any partnership it takes some…

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ReadyMade Salesforce to Saasu integration

By Deborah | Jun 4, 2009

Another ReadyMade integration solution is born.  This time it’s Salesforce to Saasu, a pre-built integration solution that runs in the cloud, no software to install, just configure it and run.  Take a look at how it works and contact us if you would like to trial the solution.

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Ready made integration solutions

By Deborah | May 8, 2009

Something we’re really keen to do is to simplify integration wherever possible. We’ve been working on several pre-built integration solutions which we have named RIO ReadyMade. They are pre-packaged integrations that provide for commonly requested integration scenarios.  Our first beta is MYOB to Salesforce with further solutions for MYOB to SugarCRM and MYOB to Really…

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More MYOB integration

By Deborah | Mar 18, 2009

MYOB integration continues to be in demand.  So far we have developed 2 solutions, the first involving a Boomi Connector for MYOB, enabling integration from MYOB to just about anything using the Boomi Atomsphere platform.  The second is an open source based “canned” integration solution enabling integration from MYOB to Salesforce.  The pre-built MYOB to…

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The reality of (Cloud) Computing

By TIM | Mar 3, 2009

The recent Google Mail outage certainly resulted in a lot of blogs and complaints amongst its users. As part of the large user community we did feel the impact when our operations were disrupted. Fortunately this ordeal was resolved two hours later and the overall impact to us in our timezones was minimal, not that I want to downplay the…

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Applying a process to SaaS integration

By Deborah | Feb 6, 2009

Our objective is to simplify integration as much as possible, resulting in lower costs to implement and maintain. Lowering the cost and speeding up the time to market will enable companies of any size to utilise integration technology and eliminate manual intervention and data processing. Let’s face it you don’t have to be a big company…

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