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Improving Faculty Management with RIO Education

By Mei Yan | Oct 24, 2018

What is the faculty? A faculty is an organisational unit or department in an education institution. Its purpose is delivering academic programs to those educational institutions (e.g. Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts). These faculties are made up of academic professionals such as professors and trainers. Program delivery for faculty members plays a major role…

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Collaborate with Student Community

By Jimmi | Oct 23, 2018

Teamwork and collaboration. These have been found to be the key to unlocking a great study experience. There are several different departments within Higher Education organisations and each of them supports different user roles (Admins, Lecturers, Tutors and Student Support). With all of these different support roles, it’s becoming difficult for students to gather the required information…

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Catching up on Dreamforce 2018

By Nat | Oct 19, 2018

Relive the Dreamforce Magic Were you lucky enough to attend Dreamforce 25-28 September 2018? Or were you tapping away on your computer, trying to catch the occasional #DF18 video?   Don’t go crazy trying to relive the glory days in San Francisco and catch up on what you’ve missed with the Dreamforce 2018 Ultimate Content…

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Enjoy a Lifetime of Student Engagements with RIO Education

By Mei Yan | Oct 18, 2018

All Education Institutions need to be engaging with their students. These engagements should happen before students join and continue during/after graduation. There should be regular check-ins on the student’s journey. Regular check-ins could result in attracting more prospective students, keeping existing students and continuing to build a network with the alumni.  RIO Education facilitates lifetime student engagement through…

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Caloundra Film Festival: Barley Fields On The Other Side Of The Mountain

By Bree | Oct 17, 2018

The final film from the Telstra Store Caloundra Film Festival is India Drama, Barley Fields On The Other Side Of The Mountain. Pema, 16, lives in a remote village near the mountains of Tibet. For generations, Pema and her family have worked and farmed their barley fields. Pema’s life begins to fall apart when her father…

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Help Your Students Succeed with RIO Education

By Jimmi | Oct 15, 2018

Higher Education providers spend significant time and effort in ensuring students complete their journeys and graduate. To do this requires beefing up student retention. Resulting in an increase to students graduation rates and decrease students drop out or transfers.    Any well-planned strategy needs to have an engaging comprehensive Student Management System.   RIO Education…

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Caloundra Film Festival: AGA

By Bree | Oct 12, 2018

The second last film in the Telstra Store Caloundra Film Festival is the Best Film winner of the Sarajevo Film Festival 2018, Russian drama AGA. Following the lives of Nanook and Sedna who have been living alone in the wilderness, keeping with the traditions of their ancestors. As the years have progress they slowly realise that their…

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Engage and Recruit the Right Students

By Lean | Oct 11, 2018

RIO Education – The Recruiter Living in an online world, a lot of information is available through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Social media give universities a good platform and the opportunity to engage with prospective students. Thus, increasing the success rate in signing up new students. With RIO Education, we will lead you…

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Caloundra Film Festival: After The Storm

By Bree | Oct 10, 2018

The third last film in the Telstra Store Caloundra Film Festival is Japanese drama After The Strom. Once a prize-winning author, Ryota has fallen into hard times. He spends too much time dwelling in the paste and wasting money from his private detective job on gambling. This leaves his ex-wife frustrated as he cannot pay his child support.…

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Advanced Feature Management in Salesforce and why its so important

By Pasan | Oct 9, 2018

At WDCi we’ve developed a framework for advanced feature management, we call this TDTM (Table Driven Trigger Management)and it’s a solution to manage Salesforce Apex Triggers. Salesforce introduced this concept with their Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). TDTM is new to the majority of Salesforce users, which is why you haven’t heard much chatter about it. Salesforce has not released a…

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