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Salesforce: Lightning Component Template for Custom Javascript Button

By Lean | Jul 9, 2018

Lightning Component Template Is the effort of replacing the custom button- especially the javascript button- the reason you are delaying to convert your Salesforce Instance from Classic to Lightning? Most people would recommend going with the basics, which is to use the global action or custom action to create/update records. What happens if you need…

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Boomi: Custom Library Component

By Lean | Jul 6, 2018

Have you ever had difficulty maintaining custom/3rd party library jar files in Boomi across multiple atoms and environment? You can now solve this by utilizing the Boomi Custom Library Component.   How To Here are the quick steps on how to upload and deploy a 3rd party library to your local atom.   Step 1…

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We Did: Customer Data Migration and Deduplication

By Lean | Jul 5, 2018

Challenge This customer offers a range of beauty and self-care products and services. The customer is using a 3rd party system to track the information of walk-in clients across the country. All of the clientele information is stored in a single system. This system requires human input which unfortunately leads to a lot of data duplication.…

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Meet RIO Finance’s new Saasu connector!

By Carter | Jul 2, 2018

Starting in 2018, Saasu updated its API and stopped providing support for the old, so we needed to upgrade how we handled your Saasu syncing. While we were at it, we also gave RIO Finance the Lightning makeover it desperately deserved!   For any of you lovely people using our old Saasu connector, we have…

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Boomi Tips: Arranging Shapes in Process Automatically

By Lean | Jun 29, 2018

Boomi Arrange As you are aware, you can drag and drop shapes into the integration development canvas and arrange them as you like within Boomi. Sometimes, this can be addictive and you can end up with too many shapes in the Boomi process. This is bound to end up messy if you don’t arrange the…

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Boomi Tip: Performing Salesforce Merge – Supersede Value in Master Record

By Hon Ming | Jun 29, 2018

Merge is one of the operations available in the Boomi Salesforce connector. It is very important to understand the behaviours of this particular operation.   Values Supersede in Master Record When performing a record merge in the Salesforce front-end, we have the ability to select which fields from which record are to be superseded. However, this…

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WeDid: Custom Asset Servicing Process

By Jimmi | Jun 27, 2018

Challenges: This company provides energy storage solutions, devices and maintenance and they are currently looking for a solution that will be able to handle the following: Tracking of installed devices at their end users’ sites. Currently,  all important details including serial numbers, installation locations, installation dates and statuses are being kept in a spreadsheet. Tracking…

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Salesforce Apex: Switch Statements

By Lean | Jun 25, 2018

Were you aware that Salesforce introduced Switch Statement in Summer 18’ release? The Switch statements will enable developers to write APEX code without having to write nested if-else blocks, eventually resulting in a more readable, maintainable code. It supports the following: Long Integer String Enum SObject The SObject type can be directly validated against a…

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Boomi Tips: Business Rule with Child Records

By Lean | Jun 22, 2018

In the last Boomi post, we discussed the usage of business rule shape in Boomi. Based on that, we all know that we can easily examine a document using the shape. But did you know that you can actually examine the child records in a document (e.g, XML or JSON) too? Let’s use the following…

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WeDid: Custom Bidding Sales Process

By Jimmi | Jun 20, 2018

Challenges: This company earns their revenues by providing construction materials and services to their partners and builders. This includes: Direct sales where builders approach this company directly for materials and services or Multiple builders approach this company to get quotes for materials and services to be used as part of a project bidding purpose. This can…

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