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Top 10 Features of a Modern Student Management System

By Nic Wood | Sep 19, 2018

The first question you probably have is what is a Student Management System (SMS)? Consider is a central and essential management system for Higher Education Providers (Universities and Colleges). Majority of the population have become reliant on the need to access information on the go; Students, Lecturers and Administrative staff are no different. No one…

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Boomi Tips: Find Changes Component

By Mei Yan | Sep 14, 2018

The Find Changes shape component provides a way for the process to track changes made to a document. The document can then be routed to Add, Update or Delete paths. Besides that, processes also need to consider designs such as error handling. Below are our tips we think you should consider when using Find Changes…

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Caloundra Film Festival: Like Father Like Son

By Bree | Sep 10, 2018

Thank you to the Caloundra film festival for a marvellous Horizon Festival. The films were very uplifting and we thoroughly enjoyed them.   Caloundra Film Festival is back to their regular screening with September’s Film, 2013 Cannes Jury Prize winner Like Father Like Son (Soshite Chichi Ni Naru). This Japanese Drama will explore Nature vs. Nurture when two families…

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Salesforce Tip: Reports & Dashboard Sub Folder

By Sylvia See | Sep 7, 2018

Salesforce Summer ’18 release has introduced us to sub-folder for Reports & Dashboards. What does sub-folder do? It allows you to have a main folder with multiple subfolders within it.     Currently, Salesforce only allows folder sharing at the root level. The issue with this is that if you want to share a sub-folder,…

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WeDid: Invoice Generation Engine

By Vin | Sep 5, 2018

Challenges: This customer works as an Education Institution. They currently target both businesses (B2B) and Individual Marketing (B2C). From their sales, they have categorised their customers into 5 different types. This customer has been using their existing invoice generation engine in Salesforce for several years now. Their existing invoice generation engine currently isn’t supported for…

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Salesforce Tips: Skipping Approval Process

By Jimmi | Aug 31, 2018

Most organisations have an approval process which can be moved to Salesforce. When setting up the approval process, note that the setup can get tricky if you have to closely match an approval process to a manual process. Our example below will be based on a scenario of an individual who plays numerous roles within…

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Australian Wool Innovation delivers an enhanced Salesforce user experience for their team

By Bree | Aug 29, 2018

  “We have Salesforce users in different continents around the world.  The conversion from Salesforce Classic to LEX (Lightning Experience) allows our users to have better navigation and data management experiences. Keeping our Salesforce environment up to date with Salesforce trends is a plus for us too.” Michelle Rando – Digital Customer Engagement Manager   Australian…

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Caloundra Film Festival: Swinger

By Bree | Aug 27, 2018

The last film for the Young at Heart Sunshine Coast premier Arts Festival is Danish romantic comedy Swinger.   Meet Adam. Adam is in his 40’s and has a loving wife, an adult son and a steady job. But deep down Adam feels there is something missing in his life, which he finds more evident when…

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Caloundra Film Festival: Edie

By Bree | Aug 24, 2018

Continuing on with our Young at Heart Sunshine Coast premier Arts Festival, our next film following after Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls is English Drama Edie.   Edie follows the story of 83-year-old Edith (Sheila Hancock) who never got the chance to fulfil her dream of climbing Mount Suilven in Scottland. Realising how much time has been…

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Caloundra Film Festival: Funne (Sea Dreaming Girls)

By Bree | Aug 22, 2018

Caloundra Film Festival is teaming up with the Sunshine Coast premier Arts festival, celebrating the theme Young At Heart.    The first film they will be screening is Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls. This Italian Comedic Documentary follows the lives of a group of grandmothers on a mission to fulfil their dreams of relaxing by the sea. Will the…

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