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Caloundra Film Festival: Petra

By Bree | Jul 16, 2019

The second film in the Spanish Film Festival, Directed by Cannes regular Jamie Rosales is Petra.   Petra, 20, is an artist with a secret. She’s trying to discover who her father is and she believes she may have found out who. This leads to Petra taking up a workshop with sculptor Jaume, which also…

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Handling Enrollment Eligibility and Competency in your Salesforce SIS

By Edy | Jul 11, 2019
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Caloundra Film Festival: Champions (Campeones)

By Bree | Jul 9, 2019

The Caloundra Film Festival is back with their 2nd Spanish Film Festival! This will be held from July 24th until August 13, so try not to miss out!   The first film screening will be the biggest Spanish film of the moment,  Champions (Campeones).   Assistant coach Marco Montes (Javier Guiterrez) has just hit rock…

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RIO Education: Prerequisite Checking

By Jimmi | Jul 5, 2019

Need a Student Information System that handles all your student’s prerequisites for you?   RIO Education has out of the box prerequisite checking. This simple and useful feature provides you with the ability to configure prerequisite requirements.    Preventing students from enrolling into subjects eliminates manual checking for the administration teams and saves you precious…

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Handling course requirements in your Salesforce Student Information System

By Lean | Jul 3, 2019

Let’s take a look at how the Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture, EDA (formerly HEDA). EDA defines course requirements and how our Student Information System (SIS), RIO Education expands on EDA.   Below is how the overall architecture looks. We have Salesforce as the platform, EDA part of Education Cloud as the foundation and RIO…

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Now Hiring: Salesforce Specialist for our Kuala Lumpur Office

By Bree | Jul 2, 2019

We are expanding! Do you want to be part of our Kuala Lumpur team? Awesome!   We are in need of a Salesforce Specialist person to join our KL team. Not only is the office in a great location, but you will get to improve your skills on the job and work in a great…

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360 Degrees Faculty Member Management System with RIO Education

By Tony | Jul 1, 2019

RIO Education is renowned for its capability to manage Students data in many ways. Did you know that RIO Education can do a 360-degree view with your faculty members too? Here are some highlights: Track their competency on teaching current and past units/courses Track their different qualifications, supervisions and references Track their current/previous accreditation in…

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Get out and honour Australia’s outstanding achievers in education!

By Ken List | Jun 28, 2019

Prepare for two nights that celebrate outstanding achievers in education.  Give your support, get your nominations in, and book a seat for the annual Australian Education Awards and AFR Higher Education Awards.   Our team at WDCi honour all those working in education, who are teaching future communities. We give our best wishes to all…

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Integrating your Student Information System – its a no brainer

By Vin | Jun 24, 2019

We know that when you integrate your SIS you get some real ROI as well as the ability to analyse all the data for your organisation.     Being built on the Salesforce platform enables RIO Education to utilise the best API in the business, making integration a breeze.   Here’s a simple diagram of what…

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Salesforce “HEDA” becomes “EDA” and What This Means For RIO Education

By Nat | Jun 19, 2019

Salesforce has made an announcement! HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture) will form the foundation of the Education Cloud. The resulting expansion is now known as EDA (Education Data Architecture).  This is great news for Kindergarten to High Schools and beyond. This will enhance the functionality for all Higher Education Providers.   RIO Education moves with…

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