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RIO Education isn’t just for Universities and Colleges

Believe it or not, RIO Education isn’t just for Universities and Colleges.   Do you need to manage Students?  Co-ordinating applications and enrollments into multiple universities and colleges? Managing student accommodation or visas? Perhaps you need to manage affiliations or professional standards such as Accounting, Banking or Law.   Struggling to find the best solution…

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Boomi LDAP Connector Now Supports Generic Object

Did you know that the Boomi LDAP connector previously only supported User and Group Object? It now supports querying, adding, updating and removing the generic object.   Reasons to use LDAP Objects: Can be described correctly Would be eligible for use in these operations Provides LDAP connector with much more flexibility   To find out more check the details here on…

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New Release: Boomi OANDA Connector

You can now capture exchange rates in a target application (i.e. your sales application or website, etc.).   How? If you have an account with OANDA, you can automate and/or streamline this process by integrating using the Boomi OANDA Connector.   To find out more about what the OANDA connector can do for you, check out the…

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