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Boomi Tip: Performing Salesforce Merge – Supersede Value in Master Record

Merge is one of the operations available in the Boomi Salesforce connector. It is very important to understand the behaviours of this particular operation.   Values Supersede in Master Record When performing a record merge in the Salesforce front-end, we have the ability to select which fields from which record are to be superseded. However, this…

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TIP OF THE WEEK: The Salesforce Big Object Storage

Have you been wondering how the  Salesforce Big Object Storage is being counted? Here are our findings based on a study we completed. It appears that big object storage is determined by the number of records/rows you’ve created, as opposed to the standard data storage which is based on kilobyte sizes. Hence, the “Big Object Storage” limit…

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We Did: Salesforce and JIM2 Integration

The customer has been managing quotes and sales orders through their ERP system, JIM2 plus uses Salesforce to capture incoming leads (for example via website) as well as closed won deals for analysis and reporting purposes. Salesforce is being used as a platform to manage customers as well as sales activities for the specific account.…

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