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Automatic Course Enrollment in your Salesforce SIS – RIO Education

Introducing Automatic Course Enrollment RIO Education version 2.3 introduced many new and exciting features, all developed in order to help you deliver the best student experience possible. One of the cool features introduced in this version is our support for Automatic Course Enrollment. Sometimes you have a Program with a large number of Courses that…

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Student Community – Making Your Students’ Lives Easier

We’ve been talking a lot about what RIO Education can do for you. Let’s switch it up a bit and talk about what RIO Education can do for your students. You can be dealing with thousands of students at any one time, so you’ll want to make sure you’re providing them with the best possible…

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Meet RIO Finance’s new Saasu connector!

Starting in 2018, Saasu updated its API and stopped providing support for the old, so we needed to upgrade how we handled your Saasu syncing. While we were at it, we also gave RIO Finance the Lightning makeover it desperately deserved!   For any of you lovely people using our old Saasu connector, we have…

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