Application Spotlight: Integrating to Saasu

Description Online Accounting
API Yes,
Trial Version with API Access Yes.
Protocol REST
Data Format XML
Authentication Include Web Service Access Key and File ID in the URL parameter
Query Get Insert Update Delete
Bank Account
Combo Item
Foreign Currency Journal
Foreign Currency Service Sale
Full Combo Item
Full Inventory Item
Inventory Adjustment
Inventory Item
Inventory Transfer
Invoice Payment
Item Invoice
Item Sale
Service Sale
Tax Code
Transaction Category  (Account)
API Limits Maximum of 5 requests per second.
Maximum of 2,000 requests per day.
Sample Use Case Salesforce Opportunity > Creates > Saasu Invoice
Saasu InventoryItem > Creates/Updates > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Account/Contact > Creates/Updates > Saasu Contact/Organisation
F2I 4.1/5

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